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For 23 years, we have been extending the performance and service life of machine components via application engineered HVOF coatings. We provide a full service repair, coating and re-coating process for many components such as mud rotors, bearing mandrels, mud lube bearings, flow diverters and other parts exposed to harsh drilling conditions. Our formulations utilize carbides, various matrix materials and nickel based alloys to solve the ever changing wear mode problems of todays drilling environment. Minimize wear, Maximize Profit.


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  • CarbideX HVOF Coatings Service
    A full service repair, coating and re-coating process for many components such as mud rotors, bearing mandrels, mud lube bearings, flow diverters and other parts exposed to harsh drilling conditions....

  • Our Full-Service Mud Rotor repair and coating facility, provides us the unique ability to strip most old coatings exposing damages that then may be repaired via welding and blending. We can then apply our standard C9000Cr “TC”, or one of our other environment specific carbide coatings that best suits the region our customer is processing in.  If a more cost effective option is requested by the customer, our proprietary Chrome Plating Replacement (CPR) HVOF coatings is the direction we guide them in.   

    Extreme Coatings Super-Finishing technology provides a final surface profile of less than 4Ra ui (.10 Ra um) which appears as a “mirror”; more shiny than Chrome  (HCP).  A smooth surface finish reduces stator wear, creating a more reliable motor and offering more consistent Rate of Penetration (ROP).  Starting with a highly polished surface finish offers longer time between required polishing; overall fleet utilization is improved substantially as a result.  We continue to develop and test new coating compositions designed to meet current and changing demands for improved performance! 


    >Mud Rotors

    >Thru Tubing Rotors

    >Bearing Mandrels

    >Mud Lube Bearings

    >Flow Diverters

    >Wash Pipes

  • CarbideX CPR C5000SD
    Our High Chromium, Tungsten Carbide formulation was originally designed to replace chrome plating for customer that had a largely chrome plated rotor fleets trying to compete in West Texas....

  • This coating offers a reduced cost to standard and higher end carbide formulations while still offering the corrosion resistance that allows the customer to run in chloride environments.  Although not as wear resistant as our premium carbide formulations, many customers have standardized this option for the majority of their rotor coating requirements


    >Less Expensive that standard “TC”

    >More Corrosion resistant than chrome plating (HCP)

  • CarbideX C9000AR
    New ANTI-ROUGHENING Coating, designed to start shiny and stay smooth. Sub-micron abrasion resistant material maintains a low surface finish, reducing stator wear....

  • Many standard “TC” coating on the market will become rough rather quickly requiring outsourced polishing before running again or even worse could wear the stator during the run, reducing power and ultimately leading to a motor failure.  Extreme Coatings CarbideX C9000AR offers reliability in the harshest drilling environments with poor mud conditions.  The war to control solids on… fight back with an AR coating!


    Tungsten Carbide Cobalt Chrome (WcCoCr)
     > Sub Micron formulation

     > Exceptional fine particle wear protection
     > Excellent corrosion resistance

  • Carbidex C2000
    One of our new carbide formulations designed for exceptional ductility while still offering the wear and corrosion resistance demanded for aggressive drilling environments....

  • With new mud rotor technology cranking out extremely high torque values, Extreme Coatings has answered back with a coating that can handle the stress.  Our proprietary nickel matrix not only offers higher ductility but also increased corrosion resistance in some drilling environments.  Extreme Coatings has standardized this material for the majority of high powered 5” mud rotors.


    Tungsten Carbide Nickel Chrome (WcNiCr)
     > Exceptional Corrosion Resistance
     > Exceptional ductility

     > OEM accepted

  • ChromeX
    ChromeX was developed as an upgrade and/or refurbishment and revitalization of failed chrome plated Thru Tubing Rotors....

  •  It is a uniform, corrosion and wear resistant HVOF coating that will increase rotor life, decrease downtime, and improve efficiency and profitability.


    >Great corrosion resistant

    >Very good abrasion resistance

    >Less Expensive that standard “TC”

    >More Corrosion resistant than chrome plating (HCP)

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