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Herclues Pumps is a Sino-German JV pumps company in China with 50 years experience in producing pumps. Due to the policy of Designed in German, Made in China, our pumps has exported to many countries with high quality and reasonable price. We strictly comply with the latest version API standard and other international standard. 


  • HP-OH2
    Standard: API610-2010 (ISO 13709)
    Capacity: 5 to 2400 m3/h
    Head: up to 250m
    Pressure: up to 50bar
    Temperature: - 80℃ to + 450℃...

  • The HP-OH2 is developed as a single-stage, horizontal, radically split volute casing overhung pump with foot mounted, comply with the requirements of API610 and ISO13709.The  HP-OH2  pump  is  not  just  designed  to meet the requirements of API 610 but also benefits from years of operational experience in the field. It has some unique design in hydraulic, connection of pump body and bearing bracket, stiff impeller, mechanic seal cooling system and auxiliary system. The HP-OH2 pumps modular construction system offers wide ranging interchangeability  of components such as shafts, casings, covers, wear rings, shaft seals and bearings among the various pump ranges.
  • HP-BB2
    Standard: API610-2010 (ISO 13709)
    Capacity: 400 to 2500 m3/h
    Head: up to 350m
    Pressure: up to 50bar
    Temperature: - 80℃ to + 450℃...

  • The HP-BB2 is in full compliance with API610, 10th edition (ISO 13709). For high pressure applications, these pump types are designed as between bearings, horizontal single-stage, and have a radial split case construction. Centerline mounting is utilized to minimize thermally induced misalignment. Fully confined gaskets are furnished as required by API 610. Suction and discharge nozzles are furnished in accordance with ANSI or DIN Standards and are configured in the top/top orientation.The  HP-BB2  applications  range  from  light hydrocarbons at low temperatures, to corrosive fluids, coker furnace charge, vacuum bottoms and other services at high temperatures.
    ● Refineries
    ● Petrochemical plants
    ● Gas processing
    ● Coal processing
    ● Offshore installation
    A variety of hydraulics is available in each size to suit particular applications.
  • HP-BB5
    Standard: API610-2010 (ISO 13709)
    Capacity: 3 to 800m3/h
    Head: up to 3200m
    Pressure: up to 400bar
    Temperature: - 80℃ to + 450℃...

  • The HP-BB5 is a horizontal, heavy duty, radial split of inner pump casing, multistage, double casing centrifugal pump with both-end mounted, which comply with the requirements of API610 and ISO13709. It is normally centerline supported for thermal stability and maximum nozzle load capacity.
    Benefiting from present hydrogenation feed pump structure, HP-BB5 has been further improved by years of operational experience in the field. Reliable and mature structure makes the pump easier to maintain and has high operational reliability. The whole pump core (core package) can be replaced within 8 hours. And all the maintenance and replacement parts can be done without removing inlet and outlet pipes and motor.