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ALLTEC is an full-service company specializing in engineered grounding/earthing & bonding, surge/transient protection and lightning protection systems. We offer decades of applications knowledge and experience to our customers, providing the ideal risk-mitigation strategy and proven engineered solutions for today’s infrastructure challenges.

 Press Releases

  • CANTON, North Carolina, USA – ALLTEC LLC is known for providing surge suppression as part of their
    Trademarked Protection Pyramid approach. In an effort to address the toughest power quality issues
    witnessed across multiple environments, and the devastating damage caused; ALLTEC is thrilled to
    introduce the new and improved ADS line of surge protection. This latest line of devices still contain the
    exceptional ADSx model, which is, and will continue to be the one‐stop‐shop for most surge protection
    requirements. Now however, there are two advanced, or “Cadillac” device options plus two SPDs that
    are compact and versatile devices for more definitive protection.

    Introducing the ADSi:

    The ADSi is the premium solution, when you need heavy duty protection from external transients such
    as lightning strikes. This unit has modes of protection ranging from 160kA, 320kA and 480kA with realtime
    diagnostics, power quality meter options and the most advanced filtering on the market today.

    Say Hello to the ADSc:

    The ADSc is smaller and more compact than the ADSi but still packs a powerful punch. It is perfect for
    protecting critical panels in a wide array of environments that the ADSi is simply not suited for. This SPD
    also has modes of protection at 160kA, 200kA, and 400kA per phase with many available options
    including filtering and alarms.

    Meet the ADSrm:

    The ADSrm unit is ALLTEC’s answer to point‐of‐use protection that takes up minimal real‐estate and fits
    into any budget. This device will offer remarkable protection to applications such as, but not limited to,
    HVAC units, well pumps, and industrial/manufacturing equipment. This device is a go‐to for the
    manufacturing and food service industry.

    Last but never least, the small but mighty ADSlp:

    Don’t judge the smallest ADS series SPD by its compact design. The ADSlp comes with 36kA per phase of
    protection and is perfect for common locations where larger SPD’s will not fit. These are ideal for traffic
    signals, highway lighting, HVAC, and security systems.
    All the SPDs mentioned have additional options that are available such as enclosure choices, audible
    alarms, and remote lights. ALLTEC can customize an SPD or system to fit each individual need.
    So the real question is; why don’t you have an ALLTEC surge protection device yet?

    Visit‐suppression to get more information about these devices
    and more.

    Since 1991 ALLTEC has been a leader in applying global engineered solutions which reduce the risks
    associated with direct and indirect lightning strikes as well as diminishing the hidden effects of surge
    events. ALLTEC specializes in customized design & engineering solutions for grounding/earthing &
    bonding, surge protection, and lightning protection. With decades of knowledge and experience,
    ALLTEC is able to advise best methods for risk mitigation and ultimately apply those evaluations as
    comprehensively engineered solutions for today’s infrastructure challenges. ALLTEC offers a
    comprehensive facility protection approach to solving the world’s most difficult lightning, grounding,
    and power quality problems.

    For more information contact:
    Kelly Buza
    Marketing Coordinator


  • Ground Guardian Floating Roof Tank Monitor (FRTM)
    The FRTM provides an easy way to monitor your existing lightning strike mitigation measures with our FRTM that monitors for unsafe deviations in resistance produced by corrosion, product/wax accumulation, or shunt breakage....

  • ALLTEC has developed, using patented* innovative active monitoring technology, an easy way to monitor your existing lightning strike mitigation measures as well as those in the American Petroleum Institute (API) RP 545 and National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 780.

    The GroundGuardian® Floating Roof Tank Monitor (FRTM) detects hazardous changes in resistance of the electrical bond between the floating roof and the storage tank’s grounding system.

    The GroundGuardian® FRTM continuously monitors for unsafe deviations in resistance produced by corrosion, product/wax accumulation, or shunt breakage. By using an intrinsically safe ground loop supervisor circuit, the state of your existing shunts are monitored. If a dangerous state change occurs, the GroundGuardian® FRTM can notify your facility’s Process Control monitoring system.

  • TerraStreamer ESE Terminals
    The TerraStreamer® is constructed by using passive streamer generating elements to safely redirect an impending lightning strike....

  • Alltec has created a lightweight, low wind loading ESE system to provide a safe and efficient manner of controlling dangerous lightning energy before it damages a structure or its important contents, including human occupants.

    The TerraStreamer® ESE air terminal initiates the upward connecting streamer earlier in time than a traditional lightning air terminal, thus extending the effective range of protection over and above that of conventional lightning air terminals. 

    By utilizing this advanced technology, TerraStreamer® ESEs provide lightning protection to facilities that would otherwise be difficult or cost prohibitive to protect by conventional means.

  • DynaShield Surge Protection Devices (SPD)
    When clean, uninterrupted power is crucial, ALLTEC’s next generation surge protection devices are ready to provide the highest level of performance for the safety and reliability of your electrical systems....

  • Our surge protection devices incorporate many industry leading components including patented thermally protected MOV technology, some of the most advanced filtering, extremely reliable monitoring, and a commitment to supply the safest SPDs.

    Electrical disturbances will occur. You must ensure the lifespan of your expensive electrical equipment is not compromised by protecting it with the best SPDs on the market. ALLTEC’s DynaShield surge protection devices provide superior protection and support for a wide variety of applications.

    Save Money
    Power surges are estimated to cost $26 billion a year in lost time, equipment repair and replacement costs.
    Reduce Risk
    Eliminate the risk of down-time, damage to equipment, and injury.
    Unparalleled Support
    ALLTEC’s experts are available to help you choose the right product for your application
    Industry-Leading Warranty
    ALLTEC’s surge suppression devices come with either a 10, 5 or 3 year warranty depending on the model.