The 2020 contract is now available! Booths 1-500 will be assigned begining March, 25th. 

Applied Physics Systems

425 Clyde Avenue
Mountain View,  CA  94043

United States
  • Booth: 4629

Applied Physics specializes in the design and manufacture of downhole sensors, electronics and MWD systems. Products manufactured include the AP-250 EM MWD System, AP600 Near Bit Sub, directional sensors, gamma sensors, rotation sensors and related equipment.


  • AP600 Near Bit Sub
    STAY IN ZONE with AP600 Near Bit Sub
    Azimuthal Gamma
    Inclination At Bit...

  • - Four year commercial run history
    - Accurate inclination and rotation speeds at the bit, up to 250 RPM
    - Azimuthal gamma ray provides clear “up” and “down” readings while rotating
    - Seamless, wireless link to MWD system
    - Operates exclusively with Applied Physics Systems MWD systems

    Available in two sizes:
          - 3.5 API Regular (for use with 4.75” to 5” mud motors)
          - 4.5 API Regular (for use with 6.5” to 6.75” mud motors)

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