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Since its establishment in 1977, NBB has developed itself into a market leader for digital safety radio control systems.

NBB is represented throughout the world in the most important markets and covers the entire variety of applications for professional radio control systems.

 Press Releases

  • (gg) The requirements increase for the safe control of machines. Especially heavy loads have to be lifted, moved and maneuvered precisely.

    But even in critical situations, a driverless driving is possible with a radio remote control. From a safe distance, the vehicle or machine can be controlled from a second control station and immediately stopped in an emergency.

    Baden-Wuerttemberg manufacturer NBB Controls + Components GmbH fully demonstrates its strengths in the construction of radio remote controls. With over 40 years he develops security-relevant systems for the professional sector.

    Whether push button or joystick variant. The replaceable battery system ensures continuous work without interruptions - especially on extreme terrain.

    The data feedback on the display provides all customer-specific information, so that

    the operator always keeps an overview. Different fieldbus systems are supported for the data transfer.

    The advantages of wireless technology are therefore obvious. Radio remote controls also lower the operating costs, increase security and streamline operations.

    Tropical conditions

    Especially in adverse environmental conditions, a radio remote control must be resistant to dust, heat, moisture or liquids, so that there is no failure of the machines. In addition to a high degree of protection like a glass fiber reinforced plastic core or a rubber coated case the electronics in the housing is protected. In case of a fall or punch on the radio remote control, a sturdy housing protects the interior from the outside. A quick change of push buttons or joysticks without opening the case without taking protective measures against contamination - this is guaranteed by the patented SMJ technology from NBB.

    In mining or tunneling, for example, but also in the energy sector, in areas with explosive substances and dusts particularly high demands are placed on the control technology. If a radio remote control is used in this area, it must fulfill basic safety requirements, which are given by the ATEX / IECEx protection certificate.


  • Radio remote control Nano-M SMJ with Display
    Biggest transmitter in the NBB product range with a big variety of various versions for a wide and complex range of applications....

  •   Radio remote control Nano-M SMJ, largest joystick transmitter,  in various combinations, for complex applications in the excavator control.
  • Radio remote control Planar®-B2 EX
    Radio remote control for application in gas-explosive endangered areas zone 1 and 2 with protection method „intrinsic safety“....

  •   Radio remote control Planar®-B1 EX, for use in offshore areas in gas explosive atmospheres  of zones 1 and 2 with type of protection intrinsic safety, eg. B. oil platforms.   Extremely flat key-operated transmitter with 16 single-level keys available, dot-matrix display.
  • PocketEvo® transmitter
    Shock-resistant transmitter housing – for extreme use
    with 1-, 2- 3-step or proportional push button


  • New design, high performance and functionality
    – Compact, ergonomic and robust
    – Proportional or stepped push buttons
    – SMP – Surface Mounted Push button
    – Highly shock resistance by rubber coated case
    – IP65 resistance against dust and water
    – Different type of frame sizes
    – Customized buttons
    – Modular setup
    – CE

    Shock-resistant transmitter housing – for extreme use
    The integrated rubber surface is combined and strengthened with a strong fiber glass plastic. All sensitive electronical components are protected and shielded against mechanical damage from outside.

    In case of service ...
    ... easy replacement of SMP-buttons NBB offers with its SMP technology (Surface Mounted Push buttons) the
    ability to replace push buttons immediately and easy by everybody in a short time. There is no need to open the case. It is not necessary to have a special education or to do precautions for a clean surrounding.