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CRC-Evans Offshore offers spool base management and offshore managed services such as automatic welding, coating and inspection of pipe joints. All equipment and services are from the family of Stanley Oil & Gas companies.


    The NEXRAY real-time radiography system is made up of
    two main components—a medical-grade digital detector and
    an x-ray source—used to generate inspection images digitally
    and deliver real-time image output.

    Real-time radiography provides a number of critical advantages over
    conventional radiography traditionally used for pipeline inspection:
    • Instant results: Inspection images are captured, displayed,
    and analyzed in real time (images are also instantly archived
    to a database)
    • Significantly improved cycle times: Up to 90% less time
    needed to scan welds
    • Elimination of processing time: Digital images are created
    instantly, with no need for film or darkroom processing
    • Environmental benefits: Reduction of radiation and
    elimination of film and development chemicals
    • Offsite central data auditing: Provides additional
    costs savings to the pipe-lay contractor

    • Exceeds minimum requirements for 1.6% to 2% of
    wall thickness IQI receive side inside wall
    • Speed: Up to 60 mm/sec based on WT
    and material (DWSI/SWSI)
    • Data logging/reporting/saving/ sharing
    • Industrial temp OP specs (-50º to +50ºC)
    • Up to 48" x 1.00 WT SWSI / DWSI Capable
    • Minimize Profile for low clearance applications
    • Portable for a two-person crew to manually handle
    in/out of pipeline ditches
    • Equivalent to Class I Film, but at faster speeds
    • Meets ISO 2504, BS 7009, ISO 17636-2
    (Spatial Resolution and Signal to Noise)
    and ISO 19232-5 (Duplex Wires) specifications

  • ORBIS IWM 12SLi-CRA Offshore Internal Welding Syst
    Combining best-in-class clamping, welding, and inspection
    technologies into one streamlined apparatus, the ORBIS IWM
    12SLi-CRA makes offshore projects more viable from both a
    technical and financial standpoint....

    The ORBIS IWM 12SLi-CRA’s unique ability to
    deposit an ID weld allows for the placement of
    costly Inconel filler metal only where it is necessary:
    on the ID. Higher-strength, lower-cost carbon steel
    filler metals finish the weld from the OD.
    By using this technique, per-weld costs can be
    substantially reduced.
    The integration of an Inconel ID weld and higherstrength
    carbon steel OD weld allows for the use
    of higher-strength pipe. By increasing filler metal
    strength, the ORBIS IWM 12SLi-CRA’s cutting-edge
    combination of high-strength carbon steel filler
    and Inconel filler allows for reduced pipe wall
    thickness. The result? A reduction in raw pipe
    material cost.
    The cascading effect of this reduced wall thickness
    cuts down the costs of pipe procurement, welding,
    and overall pipeline installation. Thinner pipe also
    means lower weight per meter, reducing top
    tensions and dynamic loading.
    The ORBIS IWM 12SLi-CRA’s laser-controlled
    internal root weld guidance achieves today’s
    highest possible weld quality, with real-time
    feedback relayed via an inspection camera
    integrated into the weld head. Weld mapping
    provides outstanding quality assurance.
    Front-end cutout rates, a significant cost
    that can substantially impact production
    schedules, are greatly reduced. Contractors
    can expect a decrease in total project
    expenses due to reduction in front-end
    cutout rates.
    The ORBIS IWM 12SLi-CRA has been put
    through rigorous quality, dependability, and
    reliability testing, including varying levels of
    automatic ultrasonic testing, chemical analysis,
    hardness testing, and destructive mechanical
    testing. All mechanical and corrosion test
    results met or exceeded that of applicable
    codes and standards.