Hawk Industries, INc.

1245 E. 23rd St.
Signal Hill,  CA  90755

United States
  • Booth: 4305

Hawk Ind. is a manufacturer of drilling tools for the oil and gas industry. Hawk developed the industry’s first drill pipe spinning wrench, the first drill pipe make/break machine and, most recently, a remote-controlled pipe make/break system. For over 50 years, Hawk has built on its past to remain an industry leader in innovation and quality.


  • Hawkjaw Drill Pipe Tong
    The HAWKJAW Power Tong was the
    industry’s first fully integrated Drill
    Pipe Make/Break Machine.

  • • Faster and safer than using
    manual rig tongs
    • Powered height adjustment
    • Precise make-up torque is set with
    the built-in Torque Regulator
    • Includes a low torque Warning System
    to prevent under-torqued connections
    • Intuitive, push-button controls for
    ease of operation
    • Available with Long Hanger (Jr. model
    only) for kelly drilling applications
    • Self-energizing torque wrench
    always grips with a force
    “proportional” to the torque
  • TWREX Fully Automated Drill Pipe Tong
    The T-WREX Make-up/Break-out System
    provides all the proven performance,
    reliability, and safety features of our
    HAWKJAW in a pedestal mounted
    configuration for remote-controlled

  • • Fast, safe trip times
    • Completely “hands off” operation
    • Incorporates the most powerful
    spinning wrench available (3000 ft. lbs.)
    • Powered extend, retract, raise, lower
    • Remote-control rotate and tilt
    • 15 second typical cycle time
    • Patented self-energizing torque wrench
    • Operates at well center & mousehole
    • Available with remote-controlled
    adjustment for different pipe sizes
  • Spinmaster Drill Pipe Spinner
    Pioneers in drill pipe spinning
    technology, Hawk Industries has 35
    years of experience in manufacturing
    and testing spinning wrenches....

  • SPINMASTER, one of the fastest, safest,
    and most efficient drill pipe spinners
    on the market today. Available in
    pneumatic or hydraulic models in two
    sizes, the SPINMASTER features our
    field-proven gripping system, along
    with a wide range of performance
    • High torque output of up to
    2272 ft. lbs.
    • Compact design is lighter
    than comparable tools,
    helping to reduce crew fatigue
    and increase safety
    • Quick pin releases allow easy
    adjustment for different pipe sizes
    • Externally mounted bearings
    with removable caps for
    ease of maintenance
    • Roller-type chain eliminates
    slippage, extends life and
    lowers maintenance costs