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Professional Lubrication Products for the Oil & Gas Industry

Dualco has been manufacturing quality lubrication products since 1960. We have many years of experience in manufacturing, knowledge of industry processes, and work with various high performance valves.


 Press Releases

  • The New Big Thing
    New SCADA Operated Lubrication Unit (Dualco S.O.L.U.TM) controls lubrication Delivery.
    By: Israel M. Rodriguez
    Due to the ever increasing demand, and the need for verifiable, accurate valve lubrication documentation; Dualco Inc. is pleased to announce the new big thing in valve lubrication technology.
    Dualco is launching its new SCADA Operated Lubrication Unit (Dualco S.O.L.U.TM). This technologically advanced unit uses state-of-the art technologies to precisely deliver The Right Amount for the Job, per OEM valve requirements. Dualco S.O.L.U.TM operates with modern control systems and is capable of adapting to gate valve voids and plug and ball valve operating conditions.
    Dualco S.O.L.U.TM consists of three main components: a control unit, a metering sensor system, and a pneumatic control valve. All the individual parts and connections are industry standard. The same meters and sensors are used regardless of the valve application, making the installation and operation extremely simple to use. The Dualco SCADA Operated Lubrication Unit (Dualco S.O.L.U.TM) is a portable digital interface, designed to be remotely operated for maintaining accurate lubrication levels in all lubricated valves. The use of Dualco S.O.L.U.TM is necessary when exact, real-time documentation is needed for valve lubrication.
    In the event of valve failure, the Dualco S.O.L.U.TM will take corrective action through a series of sensors before waste occurs. Valve Failure is defined as the valve is full of lubricant, clogged or compromised; or the lubricant drum has run out of material. In case of failure, Dualco S.O.L.U.TM will abort the operation until corrective valve maintenance or repair can occur.
    Dualco S.O.L.U.TM can be operated from the safety of your car, truck or trailer, remotely via tablet or smart phone. Printed lube reports are automatic and USB ports are Dualco S.O.L.U.TM incorporated.
    A very important Dualco S.O.L.U.TM feature is that each lubrication project is recorded by each well or pipeline detail. The volume of lube used at every application, pump stroke and volume rate is fed back via metering signal to ensure that the actual lubricant usage matches O.E.M. valve requirements. With this new technology, doubt is eliminated as to whether or not a valve is lubricated and lubricated properly.
    Dualco S.O.L.U.TM is rated at 15,000 psi and will measure the flow of lubricants or sealants with an NLGI consistency of 4.
    Thanks to “smart” technologies and program integration, the amount of lubrication can be controlled and monitored via “smart” devices remotely with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi access.
    The Dualco S.O.L.U.TM will automatically compensate the amount of lubricant needed, once the valve void is full to capacity; eliminating material waste. Dualco S.O.L.U.TM incorporates lubricant dosing and pumping, thereby creating an easy to set-up and accurate SCADA Operated Lubrication Unit.


  • Scada Operated Lubrication Unit "SOLU"
    The Dualco SCADA Operated Lubrication Unit (S.O.L.U.™) is a portable digital interface designed to be remotely operated for maintaining accurate lubrication levels in all lubricated valves....

  • Gives accurate real time volume readout reports. • Records and displays actual wellbore pressures at time of well maintenance. • Runs automatically and will shut down once the valve cavity or void is full of Lube / Sealant, after completing the valve(s) or tree assembly lubrication sequence. • Eliminates the need for a 2nd person to operate the grease pump. • 8-10 Touch screen panels for multiple Valve Settings. • Compact hard-shell portable carrying case. • Stationary or Portable • External ports to plug in multiple accessories. • Built-in printer • Wi-Fi or Blue-tooth connectivity for tablets and smart phones. • Lubrication APP for tablets and smart phones. • Rechargeable Battery with AC/DC power supply capabilities. • Programmable to accommodate various valve sizes and valves' working pressures. • Remote satellite controllable and viewable remotely. • Scanner Capable - RFID and or UPC 
  • Dualco Automated Multi Valve-Point (D.A.M.™) Lube
    The Dualco Automated Multi Valve-Point (D.A.M.™) Lube System automatically lubricates multiple valves, while maintaining accurate lubrication levels without under or over lubricating....

  • • Uses an estimated 33% less grease than manual lubrication.* • Applies Grease evenly to valve seats and achieves better grease coverage. • Applies metered amounts giving your valves the best protection and performance. • Nullifies the tradition of over lubricating. (Pumping grease in until it oozes out.) • Globally can save millions on grease and up to 300,000 tons of CO2 per annum.*
  • Dualco 14-Port Lubrication Manifold
    The Dualco 14-Port Lubrication Manifold is ideal for the Oil & Gas Service Industry. This manifold allows the operator to simultaneously lubricate multiple valves....

  • The Dualco 14-Port Lubrication Manifold is ideal for the Oil & Gas Service Industry. This manifold allows the operator to focus on an aggressive maintenance program; by simultaneously lubricating multiple valves. By using this Dualco Lubrication Manifold, one primary lubricant supply hose feeds the manifold; enabling lubrication injection to targeted valves. Other Manifold sizes, materials options, pressure ratings and number of port options are available.