WAGO Corporation

N120 W19129 Freistadt Rd
Germantown,  WI  53022

United States
  • Booth: 549

WAGO provides on/offshore solutions for drilling, processing & marine equipment production. Several carry marine ratings (ABS, BV, GL, DNV & more) including: EEx e II terminal blocks, Hazardous Location I/O, ETHERNET 2.0 Redundant Network Controllers & more. 

 Press Releases

  • Germantown, WI—March, 2019—WAGO will be introducing three new products in Booth #549 at the Offshore Technology Conference in Houston (May 6-9):

    • PRO 2 power supplies
      • High efficiency, built-in ECB, and communication-enabled
    • Touch Panel 600 line
      • Control, Visu and Web panels
      • Marine, Advanced and Standard versions
    • Sparkplug PLCs.
      • IIoT ready!

    WAGO industry professionals will be attendance to discuss all the exciting features these products offer. Along with these and other new product offerings, attendees can see the full range of high-quality products for the offshore oil and gas industry.

    Our I/O Systems, interface modules, terminal blocks, connectors and power supplies are designed to be used where high-performance, safety and reliability are in demand for industries such as: oil and gas, marine, chemical processing, water and wastewater, or other safety-related, hazardous applications.

    Media inquiries and to schedule interview requests with WAGO industry professionals should be sent to Laura Dickinson at laura.dickinson@wago.com. For more on the latest from WAGO, visit www.wago.us/press-contact.

  • Germantown, WI—April, 2019—WAGO’s new line of Operator Interface devices, the Touch Panel 600 line, brings high-tech screens and high quality visualizations to allow users to accompany their machines with advanced features. The engine has a Cortex A9 multicore processor providing fast operating speeds. On board security include a built in firewall and VPN to help users address cyber attaches. All panels are equipped with the future-ready Linux operating system and support HTML5 technology.

    The Touch Panel 600 line includes three versions to give users flexibility to use the right technology that fits their application and budget. These versions include:

    • Control Panel: Offers control and visualization to be performed simultaneously for an all in one automation solution
    • Visu Panel: Offers greater performance by splitting the responsibility of control and graphic visualization with the PLC controller
    • Web Panel: An industrial web browser optimized to operate with WAGO’s e!COCKPIT based PFC100 and PFC200 controllers

    All of the Touch Panel 600s offer practical features such as an energy-saving standby function, integrated sensors for automatic brightness adjustment and an easy-to-mount design to make installation and operation simple.

    The Touch Panel 600s will be on display at OTC 2019. Media inquiries and to schedule interview requests with WAGO industry professionals should be sent to Laura Dickinson at laura.dickinson@wago.com. For more on the latest from WAGO, visit www.wago.us/press-contact.
  • Germantown, WI—April, 2019—WAGO’s new Pro 2 Series is the new industry communication and parameterization standard. With six power supply units ranging from 120 – 960 W, the Pro 2 Series provides an energy conversion efficiency of up to 96 percent. These new power supplies permit easy fieldbus connection via snap-on type communication modules and incorporate an interface that can be tailored to any application. Standout features of the Pro 2 include:

    • Combined exceptional high-power density with excellent efficiency
    • Performance-enhancing TopBoost which delivers 600 percent extra output current
    • A PowerBoost that provides an additional 150 percent output current for five seconds

    An IO-Link module will be available at launch, with other modules for protocols such as Modbus RTU and Modbus TCP following soon after. The Pro 2 Series will be available in June 2019.