Well Equipments International s.r.l.

Via Panini 26/28
Fiorenzuola d'Arda,  Italy  29017

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WEI is an Italian Company that produces customised hydraulic and mechanic drilling rig and equipment for Oil &Gas,Shale gas,Geothermal and Water Well from 5 to 450mTon.WEI,under API licenses, produces also 3.000.000#mast and substructure.At the OTC2019,WEI's going to present its patented Hydraulic Elevator,the new Stop Sand, the innovative MPD System and the complete range of drilling rigs.


  • WEI MPD System
    WEI MPD System innovates the concept of MPD using the Venturi system to measure flow , density and presence of gas in the mud....

  • WEI MPD is an automatic innovative MPD.

    It is a well tested product patented by WEI.

    It is skid mounted, easily transportable, with small footprint.

    The main innovation consists in the use of the Venturi system, so it can measure with high accurancy the flow IN and OUT from the well, and detect the caracteristic of the mud including the presence of gas.

    The WEI MPD System controls and manages the gap of the three-fase flow range (solid-liquid-gas). The system is composed by:

    • static density measurement in the mud tank,
    • one venture type gauge
    • one gas flowmeter at the well inlet.

    At the well outlet, the system foreseen a dynamic density  measurement, one dynamic measurement venture type and one back up pressure control at the borehole choke.

    The system also checks well “high pressure” and “gas detection” from the well.

    The measurement are skid mounted and they are easily bypassed by gate valves. All the system is remote controlled by an ATEX PC panel on the drill floor or positioned at your choice.

    The MPD can be setted at the beginning of the well adding various value and limits regarding pressure and mud flow.

    System is completely ATEX and the choke is electrically moved whereas the emergency control is manual.

    MPD operates from 800 l/min to 4.500 l/min.

    The inlet measurements are API 10K WP, the outlet measurement are 5K WP.

  • WEI Hydraulic Elevator
    WEI Hydraulic Elevator encreases the safety factor and saves time during drilling and tripping phase...

  • WEI Hydraulic Elevator is a patented product by WEI.

    The Hydraulic Elevator has three models able to catch and work with a range of DP/Tubing/CSG from 2 3/8" to 20". Moreover it has been designed and tested to allow the Pull Up from 15 Ton to 450 Ton.

    The Hyd. Elevator avoids the presence of personnel on drill floor and advises on the control panel when the pipe is properly catched. Safety is not the only benefit, infact the hyd. Elevator catching/realising the pipe without screw/unscrew phase, so it strongly reduces the waste of time during the drilling and tripping phase.

    more than 70 Hydraulic Elevators are working now in various field around the world.

  • WEI Drilling Rigs
    WEI Drilling Rigs are custom made, electric, hydraulic or mechanic, completely made in Italy, done as per API Rules...

  • Well Equipment International designs and manufactures Custom made drilling rig, respecting and following API Rules.

    Rigs can be hydraulic, electric or mechanical type.

    They are manufactured in Italy with high and certified quality of steel and equipment.

    There is a wide range of  WEI Drilling Rigs for Oil and Gas, Offshore and Land, Geothermal, Water.

    They are mounted on platform as the Hydraulic 250 Ton in China or the Dual Derrick on the Scarabeo 8 in Norway; or they can work on Arctic area as various rig from 205 to 340 Ton for -40°C WT, or in the desert.

    WEI produces also Top Drive, Power Tong , Rotary Table etc.