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Gulf Electroquip

425 North Wayside Drive
Houston,  TX  77020

United States
  • Booth: 1233

Gulf Electroquip is a globally recognized business that remanufactures all AC and DC drilling motors in our certified Service Center, sells original parts, and conducts load testing. We manufacture drilling motors from 400 hp to 2000 hp, traction motor blowers from 5 hp to 25 hp and original design bug blowers.

 Press Releases

  • Gulf Electroquip and Ideal Electric Company are co-branding in Booth 1233 at OTC2019. 

    Gulf Electroquip designs, builds, remanufactures, and repair motors & generators.

    Gulf Electroquip provides remanufactured and repaired 200 HP to 200 HP to 3000 HP AC & DC Drilling Motors for top drives, drawworks, mud pumps, rotary tables and winches. The company manufactures 400 HP to 2000 HP AC & DC Drilling Motors, AC Generators, Traction Motor Spark Arrestors, Motor Blowers, Bug Blowers & a wide range of safety products. All supported by load testing services and one of the most complete parts inventories in the country. GEQ is ISO 9001:2015 certified.

    Gulf Electroquip has emergency AC top drive motors, AC drilling motors, AC generators or motor blowers you need in stock for immediate delivery.  Contact Gulf Electroquip for more product specs and details.

    Gulf Electroquip stocks new GE AC motors meaning lower prices and faster delivery to you. Choose from: GEB 22 1150 HP, GEB 27 1500 HP and GEB 28 1500 HP motors.

    Gulf Electroquip is an ISO certified, quality-oriented company to send motors when they require repair or remanufacture. GEQ’s complete certified machine shop facility and full-load and no-load services meet all requirements for manufacturing and remanufacturing.

    Gulf Electroquip is a GE factory-authorized repair facility and remanufactures AC and DC drilling motors. Brands include GE, EMD and WEG. Gulf Electroquip also remanufactures AC and DC top drive traction motors including GE, GEQ, EMD and WEG.

    IDEAL ELECTRIC COMPANY, formerly Hyundai Ideal Electric Co., is a market leader in power generators for gas, steam, hydro, and diesel engines, up to 50 MVA.

    Ideal Electric is a globally established American manufacturer of electric motors and generators, switchgear and control systems for all applications including industrial, oil, gas and petrochemical, water and infrastructure, pulp and paper, air handling, marine, mining, power generation and renewable energy.

    The company’s product line includes all types of industrial switchgear and rotating equipment. Current capabilities range from standard 125 HP hermetic induction motors to customized 50,000 KVA water-cooled synchronous generators. Ideal’s motor product line includes both induction and synchronous designs with ratings of 200 HP-35,000 HP. The company provides custom designs and supply complete packages, including motor starters and controls.

    Ideal’s test floor allows for complete testing of synchronous motors and generators in the vertical and horizontal configuration and full load testing of induction motors up to 8000 HP, at voltages from 480 volts to 13.8 kv and at 60Hz and 50 Hz.

    Ideal Electric Company is a privately held affiliate of Gulf Electroquip Ltd. of Houston, Texas.


    We have new and remanufactured top drive and drilling motors, and new and remanufactured generators, for immediate delivery. Order today!...

  • We have AC top drive motors, AC and DC drilling motors, AC generators and motor blowers in stock for immediate delivery.  Contact Gulf Electroquip for more product specs and details.**

    All AC and DC motors and AC generators are backed by a full GEQ Warranty.

    Top Drive Motors 600-400 HP

    New DRILLMAX for TDS-11

    New DRILLMAX for Tesco

    New OEM 400

    Remanufactured NOV/Reliance 400 

    Top Drive Motors - Large

    New GEB 20 AC

    New WEG 600HP AC

    Remanufactured WEG 600 HP AC

    Remanufactured GE752™ DC

    1150 HP AC|DC Drilling Motors

    New GEB 22 AC

    Remanufactured GEB 22

    Remanufactured NOV DM27

    New OEM 1150 AC

    Remanufactured OEM 1150 AC

    New DRILLMAX 1150 AC

    Remanufactured WEG 1150 AC

    New GE752 HT DC

    1500 HP Drilling Motors

    New OEM 1500 AC

    New WL 1500 AC

    Remanufactured OEM 1500 AC

    Remanufactured WEG 1500 AC

    DC Drilling Motors

    New GE752 HT

    Remanufactured GE752 HT

    Remanufactured GE752 ST

    Remanufactured EMD-D79

    Remanufactured Toshiba DR900

    Remanufactured Reliance

    Miscellaneous Drilling Motors

    New OEM 400 HP Rotary Table

    AC Generators

    Remanufactured Kato 1365 KW

    Remanufactured Kato 1050 KW

    Remanufactured EMD AB-20 2500 KW

    Remanufactured GE ATI 930 KW

    5, 10, 15 & 20 HP QUIET CLEAN Blowers

    New for TDS-11

    New for AC Drilling Motors

    New for DC Drilling Motors

    ** Quantities vary depending on previous sales and change without notice. Contact Gulf Electroquip for current in–stock availability and for additional quantities through our supplier network.

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