Ascenz Solutions Pte. Ltd.

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Ascenz is a globally-trusted provider of premium, end-to-end solutions for the maritime industry. With more than a decade of experience and an established foothold in Asia, we provide intuitive, agile and forward-looking smart shipping solutions and services tailored for offshore, ocean-going, bunkering and LNG segments. We spearhead the push for rapid digitalization within the maritime industry.


  • Shipulse
    Shipulse solution suite delivers comprehensive and insightful information from monitoring fuel consumption, bunkering activities and other shipboard equipment, allowing better decision making for increased fuel savings and optimized vessel performance....

  • Shipulse turns any vessel into a smart ship. The suite features seamless integration between sensors, interfaces and applications through the Shipulse Data Acquisition System (DAS) to collect and transmit data back to shore via satellite and GSM networks.

    Data such as vessel performance and activity, along with fuel consumption and live bunkering activity may be viewed in real-time across various on-board and online interfaces such as the Shipulse Dashboard, Shipulse Onboard, BunkerXchange and the Shipulse Portal.

  • Shipulse - Fuel Consumption Monitoring
    Through the Shipulse Dashboard, users on board vessels are able to live monitor vessel activity, track fuel consumption levels, and monitor parameters such as speed, location and ship heading....

  • It also highlights readings if there are sudden changes in fuel levels. The application also provides an overview that allows users to track and record fuel consumption across a fleet, and supports daily, weekly and monthly comparisons across vessels.

    Users and fleet owners are able to improve fuel efficiency and control, reducing costs and providing insights, allowing for better planning and improved operations.

  • Shipulse - Activity Manager
    Automation of data mining process significantly reduces man hours spent on manual collections of data, allowing users to have direct monitoring of ongoing vessel performance and better allocation of resources onboard to improve work efficiency....

  • The Shipulse Activity Manager accurately monitors individualized activity fuel consumption for ongoing vessel activities, and transforms the data collected into automatically-built predictive models. Users and fleet owners have a complete overview of the vessel’s activity at a glance, and insightful information on resource allocation and work efficiency onboard.