Armatury Group A.S.

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Czech Republic
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ARMATURY Group is a leading Czech manufacturer of industrial valves, supplier of piping and accessories, provider of services and counselling.  The great advantage of the company is the broad range of products in the group of industrial valves - ball valves, butterfly and swing check valves, gate valves, globe valves and other special valves, to many industries including oil and gas industry and energy sector. 

 Press Releases

  • ARMATURY Group manufactured a total of 67 ball valves for a 250 km long section of gas pipeline with a diameter of 1400 mm. The pipeline route leads from the Hory Svaté Kateřiny to the border crossing of Rozvadov. Ball valves of different sizes, from the largest ones DN 1400 to smaller ones size DN 300, will be mounted on the main gas pipeline and branch lines.

    "This order is extraordinary for its scope. Production started in May last year immediately after the contract was obtained, and the first successful inspection was in November with the participation of representatives of NET4GAS and TÜV-SÜD. At this time, the production of ball valves is still ongoing, final production operations, assembly and testing are underway. Due to the size of the contract, the production and expedition of finished products are running simultaneously and will continue until March of this year, when the contract should be completed. The delivery complicates the construction site at Hora Svaté Kateřiny, which is well-known for its harsh winter weather and difficult access and we have to deliver the largest ball valves just to this place. The good news is that we have defeated the competition in other tenders, and have received another part of related orders worth 45 million Czech crowns for this year, " says Area Sales Manager for the Czech Republic Rostislav Rakús.

    NET4GAS is the holder of an exclusive license for gas transportation in the Czech Republic. The company operates over 3800 km of gas pipelines and annually transports about 45 billion cubic meters of natural gas. "We have been cooperating with this biggest Czech gas company for more than 10 years and the successful realisation of these orders means positive references that give us the reputation of a reliable manufacturer of ball valves in Europe and worldwide," concludes Rostislav Rakús.

  • ARMATURY Group has received an interesting contract from Gilbert Gilkes & Gordon Ltd. from the UK. It is the production of butterfly valves DN 1400 that will serve as a butterfly valve for a Shoshone turbine in Idaho. The flapping valve will be produced by the end of October, followed by an expedition and installation in the power plant wich itself to be commissioned in November this year.

    ARMATURY Group has already supplied several valves to Gilkes, and others are in the production process. "Initial negotiation with this company was launched last year and led to get the first order. This year we have already supplied a wafer valve for water L32.71 DN 800 PN 16 with a hydraulic cylinder, lever and weights to this company. After the successful acceptance, we have received further orders for the butterfly valves DN 350, 700 and the largest already mentioned DN 1400 valve. This decision preceded the audit that took place in early June. "To be qualified as a strategic supplier, it was necessary to get at least 80% of the evaluation criterion. That's what we achieved when we reached 91 %, and we could be ranked as a strategic supplier", says area sales manager Eva Riedlová.

    GILBERT GILKES & GORDON LTD. from the United Kingdom is engaged in the production of turbines for smaller hydropower plants. It focuses mainly on the domestic market, but also has buyers in other countries.

    "In the future, Gilkes should order at our company other butterfly valves, but also ball valves of different sizes to the already won projects," concludes Eva Riedlová.


    Ball valves are designed to open fully or close fully the passage for a fluid in the piping system. They find their application in oil and gas, power engineering,
    chemical and petrochemical industries, in cryogenic applications, etc....

    NPS 1 1/2” - 56”
    Class 150 - 2500
    Tmax: +250 °C
    Body material: forged
    Standards: API, ASME, ANSI, EN, BS, FIRE SAFE, TA-Luft, SIL

    Design: fully welded or split body
    Underground application
    Above ground application

    The ball valve design meets the requirements of API Spec 6D and EN 14141 as well as those of the related normative documents. The valve construction has been tested in accordance with relevant normative documents and special regulations for fire safety (FIRE SAFE), resistance to wear caused by clean gas and wear in contaminated service, low emission (TA – Luft), seismic resistance, climatic resistance, functional safety (SIL), etc.

    - many variants of design configurations
    - full and smooth bore resulting in very low pressure loss and piggability
    - long-term reliability and maintenance-free service
    - possibility of using of different actuators with attachment according to ISO 5211
    - stiffness and compactness of construction and ability to transfer external forces

    Butterfly valves are industrial valves, which are designed to fully open or close the passage of the working medium flowing through a pipeline. They can also be used for flow-control purposes....

  • Working medium:
    • waste and service water
    • drinking water
    • hot water
    • steam
    • non-aggressive liquids and gases (natural gas, CO-gas, petroleum products, etc.)

    Butterfly valve is possible to deliver with surface protection which is done by coverage with plastic material (rilsan, halar). This surface protection together with the use of stainless steel material is widening the usage of butterfly valves for chemically aggressive or abrasive media and sea water.

    Maximum working temperature 
    of the butterfly valve depends on the packing material used.


    • manual gear-box
    • electric actuator
    • pneumatic or hydraulic actuator
    • remote control from stand
    • lever with a counterweight for closing the valve
    • hydraulic cylinder for opening the valve

    The valves are tested according to EN 12 266-1/ISO 5208.

    Connection to piping

    • flanged ends acc. to EN 1092-1, face to face dimensions acc. to EN 558-1, Series 14
    • wafer type acc. to EN 1092-1, face to face dimensions acc. to EN 558-1, Series 16
    • welded ends acc. to EN 12 627, eventually acc. to the customer´s requirement, face to face dimension acc. to EN 12 982, Series 14

    Other face to face and connecting dimensions are acc. to the customer´s requierement, e.g. ANSI, GOST.


    The butterfly valves can be mounted into horizontal, vertical or inclined
    pipeline so that the arrow stamped on the valve body corresponds
    with the direction of the tightness (arrow points from higher pressure to lower when the disc is closed), and the rotating axe of the disc is in a horizontal position. The bolt type at the pivot area is also very important. When there is a butterfly valve with electric actuator it is important to abide the actuator’s manufacturer.

    Gate valves type S33 are isolating valves designed for full closing or opening of working media flow.
    Gate valves type S43 are shut-off valves. It is used especially in power engineering, chemical industry.



    TYPE S33 
    DN 50-600 • PN 16-100 • Tmax 450 °C (595 °C)
    Body design: yoke gate valve
    Body, bonnet, wedge: cast
    Rising stem
    Flexible wedge

    EN 1092-1 FLANGED ENDS
    EN 12 627 WELDED ENDS

    Working medium

    • water
    • non-corrosive liquids
    • steam
    • air
    • gases of group 1 and 2
    • petroleum and petroleum products

    The service fluids shall not contain rough impurities.

    DN 50-350, NPS 2-16 • PN 63-100, Class 900-2500 • Tmax 650 °C (450 °C)
    EN 1092-1, ISO 7005-1, GOST 33259-2015 FLANGED ENDS
    EN 12627 WELDED ENDS
    Body design: forged body, bolted bonnet / pressure seal bonnet 
    Gate valve can be supplied in cast design as well.
    Rising stem

    Working medium

    • water
    • steam
    • gas
    • other fluids