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IHC IQIP, part of Royal IHC, is a full-service partner for the provision of reliable, state-of-the-art equipment and innovative solutions for foundation, installation and removal in the oil & gas, offshore wind, decommissioning and coastal & civil markets.


  • Drill Pin
    The Drill Pin secures multiple strings, piles or structures during decommissioning lifts. The Drill Pin allows you to drill and position pins into jackets and other structures quickly, safely and remotely....

  • Safety is of the upmost importance during decommissioning lifts. The Drill Pin allows you to drill and position pins into jackets and other structures quickly, safely and remotely. When using the Drill Pin with an accompanying Drill Pin Clamp, you can also safeguard piles within the structures during the lifting process.

    In decommissioning, ideal hoist points are non-existent which make the conditions for lifting extra tough. When using the Drill Pin as a lifting application, you are able to choose your own hoist point. Perfect for those tight cornered situations where lifting seems nearly impossible.

    Short on deck space? The structures can be lifted, upended and picked up in one piece as usual, but can also be divided into smaller, maintainable pieces. As a result, the application allows you to be the manager of your own decommissioning process.

    More information?
    Visit ihciqip.com/decom to read more about IHC IQIP’s decommissioning solutions.

  • Internal Lifting Tool (ILT) for Decommissioning
    The Internal Lifting Tool (ILT) can be used for lifting structures, structure sections and topside modules during decommissioning operations....

  • IHC IQIP designed the Decommissioning Internal Lifting Tools specifically for the Decommissioning market. In this market, we see that the structures that need decommissioning require  larger capacities , due to extra material added  during its operational life and the unknown weight additions due to environmental factors. IHC IQIP can provide you with an Finite Element Analyses to find the most suitable ILT for your project. Need an ILT for decommissioning projects? Then the Decommissioning Internal Lifting Tool is what you need.


    - Standard pile range 20” – 96”
    - Lifting capacities of 200t – 2,000t
    - Varying models that accomodate size ranges

    More information
    Find more information about the Internal Lifting Tool here

  • Hydrohammer
    The Hydrohammer is a hydraulic piling hammer for driving steel piles for conductors, jackets, tripods, mooring systems, monopiles and starter piles for pipe laying....

  • The Hydrohammer’s unique design makes it suitable for all types of offshore piling and foundation work, ranging from starter piles for pipe laying to the biggest monopiles in the world. The hammer has been active since 1984 and developed an extensive track record in the Coastal & Civil, Oil & Gas and Wind & Renewables markets.

    Through the past 30 years IHC IQIP developed multiple ranges of hammers:

    • Hydrohammer S-30 to S-4000 ( 30kJ – 4000kJ)
    • Especially designed for driving steel piles
    • Can be used for driving free standing anchor piles through the Fast or Slotted Frame
    • Wide range up to 7,5 meters
    • Available for rent or purchase

    More information
    Need more information about the Hydrohammer? Find our booth 1615 at OTC 2019 and our colleagues will happy to answer all your questions. Please find also more info here