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12120 W County Road 100
Odessa,  TX  79765

United States
  • Booth: 11035

Drillform is a specialty equipment manufacturer delivering leading-edge automated drilling equipment headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, with facilities in Odessa, Texas and Abu Dhabi. Drillform has brought to market the innovative Bulldog series of automted drilling equipment in addition to offering exceptional recertification and repair services.


  • Bulldog ES Pipe Cleaning System
    Drillform's Bulldog ES Pipe Cleaning System is a non-contact stripping tool designed to clean the entirety of the pipe string as it is removed from the well, reducing clean up time and costs while creating a safer operating environment....

  • Drillform's ES Pipe Cleaning System offers a step change in how pipe is cleaned and greatly reduces the amount of time required to clean the rig and location on each well while reducing unwanted spills. The ES Pipe Cleaning System can be offered for any standard BOP size and occupies minimal space below the rotary table. Installed on top of the BOP, the Pipe Cleaning System replaces the diverter/bell nipple and offers the ability to add chemicals directly to the wellbore rather than pit mixing. Utilizing low-pressure air at high nozzle speeds, the system creates a conical "air blade" action to clean pipe.  

    Features of the Bulldog ES Pipe Cleaning System:

    • SAFETY - Mud is kept in the well rather than on the rig floor, preventing slips and other health hazards
    • TIME SAVINGS - Pipe is cleaned as it comes out of the hole, contributing to less time spent rig cleaning
    • PRODUCT VERSATILITY -  Ability to be used to add chemicals to the wellbore rather than pit mixing
    • COST SAVINGS - Clean up costs and time on the well are reduced 
  • Bulldog 130 Automated Floor Wrench
    Drillform's Bulldog 130 Automated Floor Wrench integrates seamlessly into existing rig automation systems and creates a safer operating environment while reducing costs and recording important torque data on each connection....

  • Features of the Bulldog 130 Automated Floor Wrench:

    • SAFETY - Personnel access to the rotating zone is restricted
    • COST SAVINGS - 360° radial contact with the drill pipe reduces slippage, tool joint wear and pipe distortion
    • RISK REDUCTION - 360° radial contact with the pipe enable continuous and consistent torque with torque data logged on each joint make-up
    • EASE OF USE - Simple make-up and break-out cycles 
    • EASE OF MAINTENANCE - Modular and machined components contribute to ease and speed of maintenance 

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