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NEXCOM improves your process automation productivity with ISA100.11a and WirelessHART Wi-Fi mesh technology for critical monitoring and sensing in oil & gas, offshore automation and chemical plant, to name a few. Its C1D2/ATEX certified solution lets you set up and manage remotely a highly robust mesh network with low latency from field devices to Wi-Fi backbone and back to the control center.

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  • ISA100 is an open-standard wireless networking technology developed by the International Society of Automation. The protocol utilizes a time synchronized, self-organizing, and self-healing mesh architecture, forming full mesh network topologies. The protocol currently supports operation in the 2.4 GHz ISM Band using IEEE 802.15.4 standard radios. Developed as a multi-vendor, interoperable wireless standard, ISA100 was defined specifically for the requirements of process field device networks.

    The NIO200 ISA100 product family includes three infrastructure devices that address all mesh environment needs for deploying ISA100 Wireless networks.

    • NIO200IAG:        ISA100 Compliant All-in-One Gateway 
    • NIO200IDG:       ISA100 Compliant Distributed Gateway 
    • NIO200IDR:        ISA100 Compliant Backbone Router

    Technical Primer - ISA100 Wireless Logical Roles

    Building blocks in ISA100 Wireless are called roles, where a given device might fulfill multiple roles. The NIO200 product family fulfills the infrastructure roles listed in the table below.


    Role Definition and Responsibility

    Backbone Router

    The Backbone Router mitigates between devices operating in the wireless subnet and devices operating on the backbone infrastructure.

    System Manager

    The “brains” of the network. Manages all network devices through policy controlled configurations based on collection of performance parameters reported.

    Security Manager

    Enables, controls and supervises the secure operation of all devices present in the network via standards compliant security policies.


    Provides an application interface between the ISA100 network and entities residing on the plant network.

    System time source

    Responsible for maintaining the master time source of the network.

    Note: This is just a list of the logical roles fulfilled by the NIO200 products family and not a comprehensive list of ISA100 logical roles.

    Solution Highlights

    Each NIO200 ISA100 infrastructure product showcases the following features:

    •   Robust wireless connectivity with support for path redundant, mesh topologies for
      • The ISA100 wireless subnets composed of field instruments
      • Backbone infrastructure via Wi-Fi Mesh technologies
    • High throughput rate Wi-Fi backbone
    • Dual Wi-Fi Mesh path diversity ensures optimal reliability for communications over the backbone
    • Wide temperature range, high EMC immunity to Surge, ESD and EFT Suitable for deployment in hazardous environments
    • Incorporates power redundancy (DC & PoE)

    Deployment Topology Scenarios

    ISA100 network deployments are either single subnet (“All-in-One”) or multiple subnet (“Distributed”). The deployment topology end users and vendors choose for their ISA100 Wireless deployments are influenced by various factors such as:

    • Scalability requirements – number of field instruments deployed 
    • Layout of the facility
    • Geographic area that needs to be covered
    • Financial and budgeting constraints

    Single Subnet “All-In-One” Deployment Topology

    Key Characteristics:

    • Single subnet - no backbone networking infrastructure
    • Simple network
    • Typically consists of less than 100 field instruments
    • Instruments deployed are typically in close proximity to each other

    Multiple Subnet “Distributed” Deployment Topology

    Key Characteristics:

    • Multiple subnets connected via IPv6 enabled backbone networking infrastructure
    • Complex network
    • Typically consists of hundreds of field instruments
    • Instruments deployed are scattered throughout the facility

    Meet the Family Members

    NIO200IAG: All-In-One Gateway                                                                                                                                                   

    The “All-In-One Gateway” hosts the the ISA100 System/Security Manager, Gateway and Backbone Router roles. It manages the subnet composed of field instruments arranged in a multi-hop wireless mesh configuration. This product is best suited to be used in a single subnet “All-In-One” topology.

    Topology Considerations



    Gateway is installed outdoors

    Typically close to control room

    Determining optimal location  is vital

    Simple network deployment

    Low cost installation and maintenance

    Limited scalability

    Limited geographic coverage

    Deeper mesh networks resulting in:

    • Higher power consumption, shorter field battery life  
    • Increased communication latency  
    • Decreased network throughput

    NIO200IDG: Distributed Gateway                                                                                                                                                 

    The “Distributed Gateway” hosts the ISA100 System/Security Manager and Gateway roles. It manages multiple ISA100 subnets federated by NIO200IDR Backbone Routers, and allows for multiple subnets that form a distributed topology which maximizes geographic coverage and scalability.

    Topology Considerations



    Gateway is installed in the control room

    BBR’s deployed throughout the facility

    Wi-Fi Mesh backbone simplifies deployments

    Increased Scalability

    Extended geographic coverage

    Shallow mesh networks resulting in:

    • Optimized power consumption increasing field battery life  
    • Lower communication latency  
    • Increased network throughput

    Network deployment more complex

    Increased cost of installation and maintenance

    NIO200IDR: Backbone Router                                                                                                                                                       

    The NIO200IDR is an ISA100 compliant, cost effective Backbone Router. It manages wired and wireless backbone connectivity to the ISA compliant wireless field instruments. This type of router is deployed in conjunction with the NIO200IDG Distributed Gateway.

    Topology Considerations



    Gateways are installed in optimal locations throughout facility

    Architectural support for wired connections is needed

    The distributed approach includes data routing plans that increase optimization, and decrease bottlenecks

    Network capacity can scale and increase linearly in a cost effective manner

    Optimal path diversity and resiliency

    Network deployment more complex


  • NIO200WMR
    Anti-Explosive IP67 Wi-Fi Mesh Router for HazLoc...

  • NEXCOM’s NIO200WMR is a unique anti-explosive (CID2 & ATEX certified) Wi-Fi router, which supports mesh, AP and client modes. It has been specifically designed for heavy industrial HazLoc environment. With Wi-Fi mesh technology, NIO200WMR provides a very reliable wireless connectivity with intelligent multi-path mechanism. It establishes robust access and backbone infrastructure.  To meet the requirement for critical environment, NIO200WMR is operable within a wide temperature range of -40 to 75 °C, meets IP67 protection, achieves highest standard level-4 EMC immunity, CID2 certified and provides ATEX anti-explosive capability.  For security consideration, NIO200WMR gives user versatile selection of different encryption (pre-shared key and enterprise) black list and white list protection mechanism. Together with nCare, I4.0 network manager, NIO200WMR can be easily managed. Thus, effectively reducing the cost for network maintenance and management effort. 

    Main Features:

    • Anti-explosive Wi-Fi mesh backbone for HazLoc environment.
    • Multiple operation mode: Mesh/AP/ Client mode. Meets diversified deployment.
    • Heavy industrial grade with Level-4 EMC immunity to Surge, ESD and EFT plus -40~75 °C operation temperature. 
    • Dual power redundancy (DC & PoE) 
    • High throughput performance ideal for simultaneous video surveillance and data transmission.  
    • Hybrid Wi-Fi Mesh + AP for backbone and access concurrently. 
    • Easy management with nCare support. 
    NIO200 Series ISA100/WirelessHART Process Automation Wireless Gateway...

  • NEXCOM NIO200 Series (IAG/IDG/IDR/HAG) is a powerful distributed network topology ISA100.11a access point integrating 802.11n mesh technology. With ISA100.11a/WirelessHART technology, NIO200 can establish fully mesh network to ensure robust and reliable communication for mission-critical industrial wireless applications. The integration of both 802.11n Mesh & ISA100.11a/WirelessHART technology gives a full mesh infrastructure from field devices to Wi-Fi backbone, thus a concrete wireless connectivity can be assured. It’s designed to meet CID2 and ATEX certified requirement and is perfect solution to critical data monitoring and sensing in oil & gas, chemical plant, etc.

    Main Features:

    • Full Mesh Topology: robust wireless connectivity from ISA100/WirelessHART field device coverage to Wi-Fi backbone
    • Perfect Triple Play Infrastructure: video surveillance via high throughput Wi-Fi backbone ensures video transmission without compromising video performance
    • Dual Wi-Fi mesh path establishes better stability in backbone transmission
    • Wide temperature range, high EMC immunity to Surge, ESD and EFT
    • Suitable for deployment in hazardous environments
    • Incorporates power redundancy (DC & PoE)
    • Distributed network topology provides scalable infrastructure: easy integration and cost saving
  • IWF 310 Industrial EZ Mesh Access Point
    Rugged Industrial EZ Mesh Access Point Dual RF, 1x 802.11an + 1x 802.11 b/g/n 2x2 MIMO...

  • IWF 310 is QCA9344-based rugged industrial-grade Access Point/Router/EZ MESH AP designed with aluminum and metal chassis, and IEEE802.11b/g/n 2x2 MIMO and IEEE802.11an/a 2x2 MIMO technology. IWF 310 can deliver data rate up to 300Mbps/radio. In addition, the radio power can be up to 27dBm for wide range coverage and service. IWF 310 also functions as EZ MESH network Wi-Fi access with cost-effective option.

    Main Features:

    • Dual radios and compliant with 1x 802.11an + 1x 802.11 b/g/n 2x2 MIMO
    • 1+4 GbE RJ45 ports
    • Up to 27dBm High RF power
    • Multiple functions: AP/Router/EZ MESH
    • Supports 12V DC input
    • Supports -40 ~ 80°C extended operating temperature