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For more than 80 years R. STAHL has fulfilled a unique role in protecting lives and property in harsh and hazardous (classified) locations. R. STAHL is a leading manufacturer of explosion protection and electrical products. Whether you are looking to expand your business to global markets, or don't have time to custom design each system particular to where it is going in the world, R. STAHL can help. 


    R. STAHL's remote I/O solutions are suitable for diverse functions at the most harshest environments making it a preferred solution for virtually all tasks in the process industry....

  • The increasing complexity of advanced systems and machines propelled by evolving market needs requires sophisticated modern Automation Technology. Extensive sub-processes must be seamlessly integrated into these complex structures to enable rapid and reliable transmission of signals and data that are essential for a smooth operation.
    This requires adaptable products that are versatile in order to integrate it specifically for the userneeds - the R. STAHL's Remote I/O systems. These highly modular and versatile systems are suitable for incredibly demanding applications in various harsh environments. They transmit process data (e.g. temperatures, levels) to a control system. They also operate actuators (e.g. solenoid valves, positioners).

    R. STAHL's remote I/O solutions are suitable for diverse functions at the most harshest environments making it a preferred solution for virtually all tasks in the process industry. The graphic illustrates key advantages of remote I/O technology compared to conventional "point to point" installations:

    • No bulky switch and distributor cabinets in the control room.
    • Savings in material and working time for field wiring.
    • Extensive functions for simplifying commissioning on-site and remotely.
    • Integrated diagnostics provide an early warning of failures and avoid system downtimes.
    • Fully compatible with conventional and HART-enabled field devices.

    Remote I/O systems are thus the most cost-effective solution with regards to procurement and installation (CAPEX) as well as during operation (OPEX).

  • EPIK Breaker Panel
    For Hazardous classified locations due to explosive gas atmospheres.
    Applications requiring over current and short circuit protection for power, lighting, and heat tracing....

  • The EPIK Circuit Breaker Panel is made of 316L stainless steel housing provides high corrosion resistance and extends the life and safety of your system. The R. STAHL EPIK Circuit Breaker Panel is easy to operate, lightweight and easy to install compared to traditional explosion proof cast and bolted systems.

    • Up to 42 circuit
    • GFI/GFCI available in 5mA and 30 mA
    • Main breakers up to 225 amp
    • Optional Switch rack assembly including photo cell and transformers available.
    •  Unique design specific to photo cell design with both battery back-up and standard fixtures.