Bolidt Synthetic Products & Systems

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Bolidt supplies innovative decking systems which can handle the toughest conditions. The seamlessly applied,  IMO certified Bolidt decking systems provide optimal anti-slip surfaces, in both dry and wet conditions. Thanks to various functional properties, both inner and outer decks as well as helicopter decks can be fitted with Bolideck® systems.


  • Bolideck® 525
    Bolideck 525 is a series of 2 to 4 mm thick, slightly elastic and sound-attenuating decking systems, based on two component solvent-free and low-odour resins. The series has a uniform appearance and is available in several gloss levels....

  • Bolideck 525 is a seamlessly applied, skid resistant, sound- and shock-absorbing deck covering system, for normal and heavy traffic areas. It is installed on top of a specially developed levelling screed, the Boliscreed 400. By means of this levelling layer the system is flexible enough to follow the movements of the steel without cracking. The system comes in a smooth surface and can be delivered in approx. 70 colours.

  • Bolideck® 700
    The Bolideck 700 is a trowel applied epoxy screed with a terrazzo effect. The floor has an extremely high compression strength and is highly wear and tear resistant. Bolideck 700 is furthermore highly chemical resistant....

  • Bolideck 700 is a series of 5 mm thick seamless decking systems, based on three component epoxy resins. The series, which consists of 30 different systems, has a terrazzo appearance and excels in mechanical values. The resistance to chemicals is influenced by the finishing coat. The electrical resistance can be regulated. Bolideck 700 can be cleaned with hot water and normal cleaning products. The floor surface is anti-slip. Especially suitable in wet areas. The Bolideck 700 is installed on top of the levelling layer Boliscreed 400. The Bolideck 700-series is available in the 21 Bolidt Color Manager terrazzo colors.

  • Bolidt Helideck
    This seamlessly installed system is a flexible system broadcast with specially selected aggregates....

  • This deck is specially developed for the Helicopter Deck. This seamlessly installed system is a flexible system broadcast with specially selected aggregates. Due to this combination we are able to supply and install a system which is both technically and aesthetically very suitable as a helicopter deck.