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Xylem Inc. — A global manufacturer of market-leading brands

The success of Xylem Inc. is built on innovation & application expertise of its brands among which are Aanderaa & Tideland Signal.

Aanderaa has more than 50 years’ experience in systems & instrumentation for monitoring in demanding environments.

Tideland is a world leader in Helideck lighting systems & Navigational Aids for the offshore industry.


  • Mipeg X Crane System
    The Mipeg X is a Safe Load Indicator and Crane Monitoring System designed to provide crane operators with the necessary information meeting all known requirements for crane safety. The flexible modular system utilizes a full-color graphical touch display....

  • MIPEG X display:
    TFT-LCD technology with LED backlight, 1280x800px, 16.7 million colors, brightness 1000 cd/m2 reducing glare and reflection
    5-million finger touch operations, analog resistive (can use gloves)
    Sealed to IP66, certified zone 2 both Atex and IECex. Pan and tilt mounting  included
    Configurable displays – 5 different functions in one display
    MIPEG X   Computer:
    16 inputs and 16 outputs
    8 analog inputs to read 0-10 Vdc & 4-20 mA, 3rd party sensors or signals
    6 analog outputs to give a 0-10Vdc output signal or source a 4-20mA output to interface to PLC’s and other 3rd party control logic
    Software Storing & Uploading
    Executable software  stored in internal flash memory
    Changes or new software  uploaded using the USB interface
    New releases/changes to system functions programmed and tested by Aanderaa
    Calibration on the touch screen
    Man-machine communication uses high-level communication
    Illustrations simplify calibration
    Back-up functions available
  • Aanderaa Wave Solutions
    The Aanderaa MOTUS Wave Sensor is a directional wave sensor module for use on surface buoys. It is an integrated part of Tideland SB 138P MOTUS Buoy and YSI EMM 2.0 MOTUS Buoy. It is intended for commercial as well as research use....

  • Applications:

    Navigation safety
    Prediction and modelling
    Energy assessment
    Infrastructure design
    Coastal processes, erosion
    Oil & Gas

  • SeaBeacon® 2 System 6 RACON
    This frequency agile radar beacon (RACON), provides dependable service to all marine. SeaBeacon® 2 System 6 is unequaled in frequency matching accuracy, consistency pulse-by pulse response and advanced sidelobe suppression....

    • Features

      Greater operational range
      SeaBeacon 2 System 6 provides improvements in receiver dynamic range, receiver sensitivity, power consumption and transmitter power. Better receiver sensitivity and higher gain antennas give superior range performance with solid-state radars.

      Available with or without pressurisation
      The GMU version of SeaBeacon 2 System 6 is available with or without pressurisation. Pressurising racons with nitrogen provides added protection against the corrosive marine environment, seasonal variations in ambient temperature, pressure fluctuations, condensation and accidental submergence.

      Dual-token sidelobe suppression
      Radars are identified accurately by measuring frequency and pulsewidth. Amplitude values are used to block responses to sidelobes.

      User selections
      Operating parameters such as quiescent periods, trace length, active period, extended quiescent and standard response code (per IALA recommendations) can be programmed in the field using an optional hand-held keypad or laptop.

      Intelligent power management
      Users may program quiescent and active time intervals to match performance and power consumption requirements. To further reduce power consumption, if no local radar is detected, the racon automatically returns to its quiescent state after a four second active period. Extended quiescent state for low traffic areas and seasonal inhibit further reduce power consumption. Periodic quiescent periods allow the radar operator to view the radar screen ensuring that no targets have been obscured by a racon response.

      Proportional scaling
      Ensures length of racon trace appearing on the radar screen is generally uniform on all range settings.

      SeaBeacon 2 System 6 racons can be linked, via Tideland’s NavLink®, to a manned base station for remote monitor and control functions.

      Hazardous use rating
      Available for General Marine Use (GMU), NEC Class 1 Division 2 (not pressurized), IECEx/ ATEX Category 2 (Zone 1) or ATEX Category 3 (Zone 2) for hazardous areas.

      Compliant to IALA Recommendation R-101 on Marine Radar Beacons (RACONS) Edition 2 December 2004.