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ClampOn is the industry leader in non-intrusive sensors for sand, PIG, leak, wall-thickness monitoring, vibration monitoring, corrosion under insulation detector and corrosion-erosion monitoring. All sensors incorporate proprietary DSP ultrasonic intelligence for subsea and topside hardware applications. We work with customers to optimize their productivity and safeguard their investments.


  • ClampOn CUI Detector
    ClampOn's Corrosion under Insulation Detector...

  • ClampOn's CUI metering solution allows operators to measure water ingress in the insulation and corrosion along the pipe using permanent microwave antenna arrays installed strategically along the pipeline. Portable data analysers are connected to the permanent antenna arrays for periodic metering and trending. This solution provides effective and accurate measurement of water ingress and corrosion residue, and information about its location along the pipework. 
  • ClampOn Subsea CEM
    ClampOn Subsea Corrosion Erosion Monitor...

  • The ClampOn Subsea SEM is an ultrasonic instrument designed to measure wall thickness loss in pipes over a defined area. It uses active ultrasound and exploits the properties of Acoustic Guided Lamb Waves to detect the changes in wall thickness relative to reference values obtained during the installation of the system. Up to 16 transducers transmit and recieve signals to and from each other to form a grid of signal paths over a defined area, and this is used to monitor any changes in pipe wall thickness. Using the principles of tomography, both the point at which the corrosion and erosion takes place and the actual wall thicness can be measured.
  • ClampOn DSP Particle Monitor
    ClampOn DSP Particle Monitor gives operators the best tool for maximizing profits, by means of controlling and minimizing the production of sand....

  • The unique, patented ClampOn DSP Particle Monitor provides operators focusing on sand mangement and corrosion-erosion issues with even more accurate information than previously available. The ClampOn DSP Particle Monitor measures sand/particles through passive ultrasonic technology; it detects the ultrasonic signal that is generated by particles impacting on the inside of the pipe wall, just after the bend where the sensor is located. The instrument has onboard Digital Signal Processing (DSP) for analyzing of the data picked up by the instrument. Measurement is done in real time and results are continuously displayed on the control PC/System, giving the operator immediate and reliable data when a well starts producing sand.