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Wormerveer,  Noord-Holland 
  • Booth: 8353

We have built our knowledge of oilfield filtration solutions on many years of experience. We have a state of the art machine facility to manufacture our products and equipment in stainless steel, carbon steel and other exotic materials. We design, innovate, engineer and manufacture filter equipment and consumables in-house, which results in a flexible organization which listens to its customers.

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  • It’s already been a while ago, but since last year we also have a sales office in North America. The new office will provide more local support to our customers. Our aim is to increase grow and expand presence so that our products and services are even more easily accessible to a bigger part of the world. But we will retain the excellent customer service you are used to. On our sales office in North America we also have stock available of filter cartridges and filter equipment.

    Our sales office in North America is managed by Bram Janssen. Bram Jansen has build many years of filter experience. He started his career at Halliburton for almost 22 years he has build up filter experience and knows exactly what the customer needs. After this he worked 7 years for Parker Twin Filter as business development manager in the oil & gas industry.  

    Dutch Filtration engineers, manufactures filter equipment and consumables. Our strengths are; engineering department, in house production, many years experience, fast responding, 24/7 product support, worldwide delivery.

    Our engineers are continuously innovating. One of our latest innvovations is our Rudi Quick Opening Closure an unique and robust quick opening-closure for all our cartridge, bag and combination filter units. This pressure vessel closure system is especially designed for quick, safe, ergonomic and leak free change out of filter cartridges. The  Rudi QOC has so many benefits over the traditional swingbolt closures for filter vessels, such as: no tools required, no loose nuts safe two hand operation and within few seconds. Rudi QOC: Safe, Reliable, Quick, Easy and 100% sealing.

    Besides our standard filter equipment, we also offer complete packages and combination packages including all auxiliaries such as stackable slurry skid with dual vessel filter, pumps and storage tanks. All our products comply with the highest standards. All new designed offshore units which are lifted offshore are certified to DNV2.7-1

    We are experienced in local standards and codes, such as U-stamp, ASME, Australian Standard, and many others. When you quickly need equipment Dutch Filtration has several types of rental filter skids available


  • Dual Vessel Filter Unit
    The new Dual Vessel Filter Unit is based on 20 years experience manufacturing oilfield equipment. The Rudi Quick Opening Closure allows the operator to fast and safe open and close the filter housing for change out of filter elements....

  • Dutch Filtration, designs, manufactures, builds, innovates and tests every dual vessel filter unit in-house. Our team listens to the needs and feedback of our customers, therefore our Dual Vessel Filter unit has unique design features. Instead of the old fashioned swing-bolt system, the dual vessel filter unit is equipped with Rudi Quick opening closure. This enables much faster and safer exchange of filter elements. The old fashioned steel grid gates are replaced by heavy duty netting that provides easy and safe access to the skid. The unit is designed and built in accordance with DNV 2.7-1 and also certified by DNV or Lloyds. Our standard DFC24 unit has two housings of each 50 cartridges and 6 valves for parallel, in series and by-pass operation.

    Our dual vessel filter unit is built for faster, safer and more ergonomic operation and contributes to efficiency, cost reduction and maximization of oil and gas production.

  • Absolute Pleated Filter Cartridge
    The Absolute Pleated Filter Cartridge is designed for fine filtration of a wide range of fluids in the oil and gas industry. We offer an unique combination of high flow rate, large surface area, high dirt load capacity at absolute rating of beta 5000....

  • Our absolute pleated cartridge the DutchFlow serie is designed and engineered for high accuracy final polishing filtration of all types of fluids. The specially selected polypropylene or borosilicate glass fibre material provides the unique combination of high flow rate, high dirt holding capacity, low pressure drop, increased surface area at absolute rating of beta 5000 (99.98%removal). The improved construction is designed and produced to withstand the harsh requirements of the Oilfield Industry and allows longer operational life.The Polypropylene inner core has additional strength and all components are thermallybounded, allowing operations at higher temperature, pressure and make the cartridgecompatible with most fluids and additives in the industry.

    The absolute pleated filter cartridge is available in different materials such as Polyester, PP, PES and Glassfibre. Furthermore our absolute pleated filter cartridges is also available as high flow element

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