Chengdu Rock Petroleum Technology Development Co., Ltd

Chengdu,  Sichuan Province  610500

  • Booth: 7333

Rock Petroleum Technology Development Co., Ltd is a company with its own R&D center, manufacturing base, and international trade business. The company can provide all kinds of completion tools: bridge plug, gas lift mandrel, packer, cement retainer and etc. Rock Petroleum Technology Development Co., Ltd is a member of Rock Group.


  • Conventional Mandrel
    Conventional Mandrel...

  • ROCK provides two kinds of Conventional Mandrels for customer. The Conventional Mandrels are designed to accept the 1”or 1.5”tubing-retrievable gas lift valve and tubing flow check valve. The Mandrels are manufactured with side guards to protect the valve when running or pulling the tubing string. These mandrels are available in various tubing grades such as J-55,N-80, L-80, P-110 & other grades of material as per customer requirement.

    RWB Wireline Set Bridge Plugs are compact, small OD and designed for easy drill
    out. These bridge plugs will set securely in all but the very highest tensile casing....

  • Features:

    1. Can be set directly with Baker wireline setting tools
    2. Easy for mill out
    3. Ratchet lock rings secure dynamic setting force
    4. One piece packing element and rocker action metal back up rings combine for
    a superior seal
    5. Shear studs are Baker style and connect directly to the Baker Adjuster Sub
    6. These bridge plugs can be run directly on Baker Setting Sleeves and Adjuster Subs 
    7. Crossovers are not required

  • RT-Series Subsurface Safety Valve
    RT-Series Subsurface Safety Valve...

  • RT series subsurface safety valve is a kind of tubing retrievable safety valve which
    is controlled on the surface through hydraulic control line. It directly connects to the
    tubing string as part of production workstring. After installation, it is operated by the
    pressure in control line. While certain amount of hydraulic pressure is applied
    through the control line to the safety valve, the valve will be open; while the
    pressure is released, the safety valve will be closed and the tubing string is closed
    at the same time.