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Videotec designs and patents innovative video security products for monitoring all external environments, including the most extreme and hazardous conditions. Our wide product range includes PTZ camera positioning systems, certified explosion-proof cameras, thermal imaging solutions, extreme weather and industrial housings, and LED IR night-vision illuminators.

 Press Releases

  • Videotec has extended the range of cameras that include the new DELUX imaging and encoding technology. It can now be found in models designed for surveillance in the Marine and Oil & Gas sectors, and significantly improves the day and night vision and competitiveness of these products.

    After recently being integrated into the ULISSE COMPACT PTZ, DELUX technology is now available across the IP, PTZ and fixed cameras of the ex-proof and Marine lines, namely the MAXIMUS MPX, MVX AND NXPTZ. These models are well regarded on the market for their high performance levels and operational efficiency in extreme environments and where there is a risk of explosion.

    DELUX technology brings increased light sensitivity, which means the cameras deliver very high-quality vision day or night, with clear high-definition images and incredibly well-defined colours – even in very low light conditions.

    The improved precision and image clarity provides immediate added value to outdoor surveillance applications, especially in sensitive areas where the need to identify people, objects, moving vehicles and other events, day or night, is crucial.

    In addition to improved colour rendering and greater noise reduction, DELUX technology has brought new advanced PTZ performance, namely in the control of speed proportional to zoom and the management of Privacy Masking.

    The DELUX technology has been developed end to end by Videotec's R&D team and this has led to considerable reductions to the costs of these new camera models.

    Videotec's DELUX products are therefore extremely competitive, and are complete high-performance solutions, reinforcing their prominent position in an increasingly demanding and selective international security market. 
  • Videotec is proud to announce that it has attained "Lloyd’s Register Type Approval" for its cameras and accessories for use in extreme environments.

    The issuance of this certificate by Lloyd's Register certifies that Videotec products are compliant with the stringent quality and reliability requirements demanded by the maritime sector's international standards.

    To be more specific, the type of certification that has been achieved is 'Test Specification Number 1' for use in marine and offshore categories, such as ENV1, ENV2, ENV3 and ENV5.

    Typical applications include the surveillance of public places such as passenger ships, open-air decks, closed spaces and technical areas that may be subject to heat generated by other equipment, including areas where there is a risk of explosion. These cameras can also be used to help docking procedures, providing visual support and eradicating any potential blind spots at either side of the ship.

    Videotec is recognised worldwide in the oil & gas and marine sectors and has become well known for its wide range of certified explosion-proof cameras. This is largely due to their exceptional performance levels when it comes to monitoring critical processes in offshore/onshore areas where there is a risk of explosion.

    The newly obtained Lloyd's Register certificate is yet another confirmation that Videotec is the best company in the world in terms of its range of cameras for the most critical and demanding surveillance tasks in every type of extreme environment.   
  • VIDEOTEC is expanding its range of explosion proof cameras with the new MAXIMUS MMX camera, offering the best quality-price ratio in its class ever found on the market.

    The MMX camera is perfect for effective video surveillance and process control in harsh settings where the presence of gases or flammable dust can create a potentially explosive environment. This camera is certified ATEX/IECEx (Exd IIB, Ext IIIC) and UL Hazardous Location for America and Canada (Class I, Zone 1, Class I, Div. 2 and Class II, Zone 21, Class II Div 2).

    Its installation is extremely simple and cost effective thanks to its lightweight and compact size, which makes it easy to handle and mount. Moreover, the flexible integrated bracket allows to adapt the camera mounting to any kind of surface, either wall, ceiling or parapet according to the application need. Various cabling options are available to reduce assembly time and cost.

    The MMX camera is a Full HD color camera with a remote optical zoom capability and can reach a 90 degree cone of vision, offering the highest quality video stream in H.264/AVC compression.

    Its housing is completely made out of corrosion proof AISI316L stainless steel, with an IP66/68 Protection Class. The power source can be either through 24Vac/Vdc or PoE Plus.

    The MAXIMUS MMX camera offers a cost effective solution for monitoring applications in the most challenging conditions in onshore, offshore, marine and heavy industrial environments. 


    ULISSE EVO is a PTZ camera that guarantees the maximum level of security for monitoring urban areas, critical infrastructures, transport, traffic and railways. Delux technology offers unbeatable clear detailed images with vivid colors, day or night....

  • ULISSE EVO is a PTZ camera that combines high technology, competitiveness and design and guarantees the maximum level of security for monitoring urban areas, critical infrastructures, transport, traffic and railways (it complies with the standards for railway applications)

    The Super low-light, Full HD, 1080p, 60 fps IP camera with 30x optical zoom and integrated Delux technology offers unbeatable clear and detailed images with vivid colours, day or night. The camera’s motion detection function, with privacy masking feature, allows intelligent management and immediate raising of alarms if an unwanted intrusion is detected.

    ULISSE EVO maintains maximum operating efficiency with temperatures from -40°C to +65°C, while the levels of protection IK10, IP66/IP67/IP68, NEMA Type 4X and Type 6P guarantee maximum resistance against dust and bad weather, strong impact and vandalism.

    ULISSE EVO can be installed in different ways, even in the inverted position typical of the speed domes, using the large variety of brackets and adaptors available to satisfy every installation need. The brackets are also available with quick connectors for Ethernet/PoE, for power and I/O, which allow fast and easy installation and maintenance.

    ULISSE EVO is available in two standard colours gray-white (RAL9002) or black (RAL9005) to suit specific application requirements.


    Colour: 0.006lx

    B/W: 0.0006lx

    • Camera Full HD 1080p, 30x, 60fps
    • Minimum Illumination: 
    • Video compression H.264/AVC, MJPEG, JPEG and MPEG4
    • Complies with ONVIF, Profile S and Profile Q
    • Day/Night (Auto ICR: automatic removal of IR filter)
    • De-fog function
    • Up to 3 simultaneous video streams in FULL HD
    • 2 alarm inputs and 2 relay outputs
    • Variable speed: from 0.1°/s to 250°/s horizontal and vertical movement
    • Horizontal continuous rotation, vertical from -90° to +90°
    • Position accuracy: 0.05°
    • Up to 250 Presets
    • Speed proportional to Zoom
    • Power supply: 24Vac, 24Vdc, PoE 90W
    • Can be also installed in upside-down position (in speed-dome mode)
    • Integrated wiper
    • Optional washer system with pump for front window cleaning

    MAXIMUS MMX Ex-proof FULL HD camera in a compact design...

  • The explosion-proof Full HD camera MAXIMUS MMX is perfect for efficient video surveillance and control of processes in hazardous environments where the atmosphere is potentially explosive due to the presence of inflammable gases or dust, typical of the Oil&Gas, marine or industrial and foodstuff sectors.

    The Full HD, 1080p camera, with 3x or 10x motorised zoom lens, offers multiple video streams (H.264/AVC, MJPEG, JPEG, MPEG4) and provides exceptional image quality, picking out every detail in a scene, even in the harshest environmental conditions.

    An absolute advantage offered by this camera is its extremely easy and safe installation. The camera can be supplied with multi-polar cabling. The camera can also be powered in PoE+, thereby allowing further simplification of installation operations. The camera is supplied with supports for wall, ceiling and railing installation and with a sunshield.

  • Maximus MPX DeLux
    Explosion-proof FULL HD PTZ camera with new DELUX technology, for day/night viewing with exceptional night brightness...

  • MAXIMUS MPX DELUX is an explosion-proof FULL HD PTZ camera which integrates new imaging and encoding technology for outdoor video surveillance, allowing recordings to be produced with incredibly bright and vivid colours both by day and by night. This camera is ideal for efficient video surveillance and control of processes in critical environments where the atmosphere is potentially explosive due to the presence of inflammable gases or dust, typical of the Oil&Gas, marine or industrial sectors.

    MAXIMUS MPX DELUX is a Day/Night Full HD 1080p camera with 30x optical zoom and a frame rate of 60fps. It is capable of precisely identifying the details in a scene, even in dynamic, rapidly changing situations. DELUX technology for MAXIMUS MPX DELUX has introduced new, advanced performance in proportional zoom control and management of privacy masking for sensitive areas.