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Cortem Group is a leading Italian manufacturer of a whole range of explosion-proof electrical equipment for hazardous areas with 50 years of experience in the Ex field. Cortem Group’s products, such as LED lighting fixtures, junction boxes, fitting, cable glands and customized power and control panel solutions, are certified in accordance with ATEX, IECEx and TRCU regulations.  


  • XLFE series LED aircraft warning lighting fixtures
    New XLFE series low and medium intensity LED aircraft warning lighting fixtures...

  • XLFE series low and medium intensity lighting fixtures are suitable to be installed on towers or high buildings as obstacle signaling devices thanks to the high power and luminous efficiency light source developed by Cortem Group making full use of the experience gained in the world of LED lighting in the recent years. 
    XLFE-4.../1 series lighting fixture, red in colour with a luminous intensity of more than 32 candles, is equipped with an internal reflector in chromium-plated anticorodal aluminium alloy and it can be provided with double circuit (main/spare). They are also available for industrial signalling in flashing operation and with different light colors upon request.
    XLFE-MIB series lighting fixture, red in colour too, features a lighting intensity of more than 2,000 candles. The XLFE-MIB series has been designed for Zone 1 with an ‘Ex db’ optical source. The light source also complies with EN/IEC 60079-28 standard (“op is” protection). 
    XLFE series complies with the ICAO Annex 14 standard for low and medium intensity aviation warning lamps (corresponding to the FAA L-810 and FAA L-864).