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Landoil is a professional manufacturer of Polyanionic Cellulose (PAC) and Carboxymethyl Cellulose (CMC) , focusing on drilling fluid & drilling mud. As a leading enterprise in the cellulose industry, with uinque advantages and excellent performances (low filtration, high viscosity, etc) , our products are certified by API 13A and ISO9001. PAC LV, PAC R, PAC HV, CMC HV, CMC LV.


  • PAC LV
    Landoil PAC LV is a polyanionic cellulose polymer, which is an extremely effective filtrate reducer in fresh or salty water. It also acts as a thinner in salty water in low concentrations....

  • Application

    Landoil PAC-LV can be used in any type of water based drilling fluid, including saturated salt water fluids. It will effectively reduce filtrate loss without increasing viscosity. Landoil PAC-LV is an excellent shale encapsulater and inhibitor in medium to high concentration.


    1.Landoil PAC-LV is effective in all types of water based muds, including salt saturated.

    2.effective in the reduction of filtrate in small concentrations.

    3.effective in the reduction of shale dispersion as medium to high concentrations.

    4.effective at moderate to high PH.

    5.non toxic and will not ferment.

    6.with a higher D.S, Landoil PAC-LV has a better property of high temperature and salt resistance.

    7.According API 13A standard(A.V.: max 40 cps, Filtrate volume: max 16ml).

    Physical Properties

    Appearance: white or yellowish free flowing granule/powder

    Technical Data

    1.Presence of starch or starch derivatives: Absent

    2.Moisture content  :Maximum 10 % 

    3.Apparent viscosity :   Maximum 40 cP

    4.Filtrate volume :     Maximum 16 ml

  • PAC R
    Landoil PAC R is a high molecular weight purified polyanionic cellulose polymer that is an extremely effective filtration control additive, viscosity and clay encapsulator in fresh, hard and saline water....

  • Application

    Landoil PAC R is multifunction, an excellent viscosifier promoting better hole cleaning, forms a protective colloid which inhibits the hydration of water sensitive formations and promotes borehole stability through filtration control. Landoil PAC R will enhance the lubricating properties of the fluid and can be added to foam to improve cuttings transportation. Landoil PAC R can be added to enhance a Bentonite-based fluid system and is compatible with most polymers lubricants. Addition rates can be adjusted to suit specific applications.



    2.effective in low concentrations

    3.rapid increase in viscosity

    4.reduce water loss

    5.improves shale control

    6.natural polymer-based product, the environmental impacts is minimal

    7.extends life of foam or stiff foam in air drilling

    8.with a higher D.S, Landoil PAC R has a better property of high temperature and salt resistance

    9.Above the API 13A standard.

    Physical Properties

    Appearance: fine white flowing powder

    Technical Data

    1.Presence of starch or starch derivatives: Absent

    2.Moisture content  :Maximum 10 % 

    3.Apparent viscosity :  Minimum 50 cP

    4.Filtrate volume:      Maximum 23 ml