Transeparation S.A.

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Houston,  TX  77008

United States
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TRANSEPARATION is a recognized technologist company with expertise in upstream and downstream areas of the oil and gas industries, specialized to the design of process plants and process equipment and the development of engineering. TRANSEPARATION is also present in the chemical, petrochemical, agrochemical and mining Industries.


    A successful design is the result of sound engineering and the best operational practices.
    Our Proccess Technology Division focuses in the design of complete process plants or full field development projects....

    • Crude oil treatment for conventional and unconventional crude oils
    • Produced water treatment & injection plants for disposal, secondary recovery and enhanced oil recovery projects.
    • Flow-back Water Treatment
    • Filtration, softening and deoxygenation water treatment plants
    • Separation processes
    • Slop oil and Slop water treatment plants
    • Solids removal, cleaning & dewatering plants
    • Early Production Facilities (EPF)
    • Gas processing and compression facilities
    • Crude oil stabilization
    • Vapor Recovery Units (VRU)
    • Heat Recovery Systems and Waste Heat Recovery Units
    As Experts in our fields we are often called to assess potential issues or improvements at pre-existing plants/sites....

    • Conceptual & Basic Engineering
    • Process Analysis & Optimization
    • Dynamic Simulation Modeling
    • Hydrodynamic Pipeline Networks Simulation
    • Flow Assurance Analysis
    • CFD Modeling
    • Diagnosis & Debottlenecking Studies
    • Gas Dispersion & Flare Radiation Analysis
    • Depressurization Studies
    • HAZOP & Quantitative Risk Assesment
    • Field Assistance Services
    • Workshop Supervision
    • Operators Training
    • Precommisioning, Commisioning & Start-Up Assistance
    • Test Runs
    • CFD modeling
    Innovative solutions for equipment and special internals that better suit the project requirements. Tailor-made or standardized equipment according to customers’ requirements....

    • Two and three phase separators
    • Free water knock-outs
    • Heater treaters
    • Test separators
    • Slug-catchers
    • Filter separators
    • Degassers
    • VRTs
    • Skimmer tanks
    • Gun Barrel & Wash tanks
    • Mixing equipment
    • Steam Bath Indirect Fired Heaters
    • Process heaters
    • Heat exchangers
    • Air coolers
    • KOD & Flare systems
    • Waste heat recovery units
    • Thermal oxydizers