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GuardRFID offers complete solutions for Real-time Location, Safety, and Security in Healthcare, Industrial, and Commercial environments. GuardRFID’s products can accurately track and locate people and assets. The RFID solutions developed by GuardRFID enhance automation, workflow, monitoring, and security – all on one flexible platform.


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 Press Releases

  • GuardRFID’s system provides accurate location of buses, eliminating countless hours of manual labor

    In 2017, Blue Bird Corporation selected GuardRFID’s real-time asset tracking solution to track its in-process buses across its 40-acre facility located at Fort Valley, Georgia. After almost a year of use, the system has exceeded expectations. Previously, it could take hours to find a bus. With this new system in place, locating a bus can now be achieved within seconds by seeing its location on a graphical user interface. A specially-equipped golf cart can also be used to ping the RFID tag as it drives by the bus, which sends a notification to the hand-held device. In addition to significant cost reductions, the system also enhances the quality of on time delivery to customers.

    GuardRFID’s real-time Asset Tracking solution at the Blue Bird site provides a real-time view of their buses throughout their facility. By integrating both long-range RTLS and close-range portal detection in a single system, it provides precise real-time asset visibility and perimeter security. This powerful combination assists Blue Bird in accurately identifying, locating, tracking, and securing hundreds of buses at any given point in time. Blue Bird uses GuardRFID’s ruggedized Industrial Tag, that has been created to work effectively and efficiently in industrial environments including harsh and hazardous conditions.

    GuardRFID Solar RTLS


    GuardRFID’s system is proven for high-density tag deployments, with very fast system response times, and offers seamless integration with existing IT policies, standards, and systems, and ready-to-go integration with complementary systems like CCTV & Access control.

    “We no longer have a person dedicated to knowing where the buses are. The days of spending hours to find a bus are over,” said Matt Walker, Manufacturing Engineering Specialist at Blue Bird. “You know it is working well when people come to you and thank you for installing it because it made their job easier. We now look the bus up on the computer or cell phone app and know where to go to get it. The free cell phone app used to locate assets is very handy. The bus is usually under the dot that is displayed on the map.”

    Blue Bird plans to add more readers around their facility to give better depth perception, and therefore even greater location accuracy. “One reason we selected GuardRFID was that the system is scalable, “Walker added. “We started with 19 readers with five of them being self-contained solar powered stations. We understand the need to improve the accuracy of certain indoor areas. We knew this would be an issue, but it allowed us to keep the cost down while still getting the precision we wanted to start with. We look forward to our continued partnership with GuardRFID.”

    “Active RFID is gaining rapid adoption in the manufacturing industry, as it provides real-time visibility of materials and equipment without the need for manual intervention. In the case of Blue Bird, locating buses within a forty-acre yard is difficult and time consuming, and requires significant manual labor,” says Zahir Abji, GuardRFID’s President and CEO. “The adoption of GuardRFID’s technology has resulted in tremendous reduction in the time it takes to locate a particular bus, while reducing the cost of performing this task.”

    The GuardRFID system has been performing above expectations. Watch our video for more information:

    About GuardRFID

    GuardRFID is a proven expert in real-time location systems driving the next generation of security and compliance applications in healthcare, industrial and commercial environments. With indoor and outdoor installations around the world, the Company delivers the most robust multi-purpose real-time location platform with superior flexibility, interoperability and performance helping organizations achieve the protection, compliance and efficiencies they require when it comes to their people and assets – today and tomorrow. For more information, please visit

    About Blue Bird

    Blue Bird offers a complete line of Type A, C and D school buses in a variety of options and configurations. Since 1927, Blue Bird Corporation has continued to set industry standards with its innovative design and manufacturing capabilities. Additionally, Blue Bird provides comprehensive financial solutions through Blue Bird Capital Services. Today, Blue Bird has more than 1,500 employees, Georgia-based manufacturing facilities and an extensive network of Dealers and Parts & Service facilities throughout North America. Its global presence can be seen in more than 60 countries through sales into Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Latin America, Europe and the Middle East.

    Media Contact:
    Aradhna Sharma
    Marketing Specialist
    GuardRFID Solutions Inc
    604 343 3558

  • The AllGuard Yard Management solution permits Linder to track high-value assets in real-time, reduce turnaround time on orders and prevent equipment loss

    GuardRFID and Linder Industrial Machinery have partnered to provide Linder with real-time inventory visibility, which allows tracking and location of high value assets to enhance productivity and accuracy. AllGuard automatically reports equipment leaving or returning to a yard, and providing continuous monitoring of equipment to prevent loss.

    Linder provides a wide variety of new, used and rental equipment to fit customer needs across sixteen branch locations. The outdoor and remote locations create challenges for inventory tracking and security measure like fences, lights, and manual management are not the best solutions to prevent theft. These challenges mean that misplaced and stolen inventory is common. This, coupled with time spent by employees having to searching for equipment, resulting in increased costs for industrial operators.

    This new partnership solves these challenges, as the AllGuard Yard Management monitors all equipment providing Linder with inventory insights and the ability to track their high-value assets in real-time.

    Linder’s President and Chief Executive Officer, John Coughlin, commented on the partnership stating, “The system provides an accurate view of the equipment we have at any of our facilities, enhancing our ability to serve our customers better, and ensuring we don’t miss any business opportunities. The system allows us to locate equipment in our yards very rapidly, as we can look up its approximate location, saving labor time and providing a higher quality of service to our customers. We have already realized significant cost savings, after just a few months of using the system.”

    The AllGuard Yard Management Solution is a robust multi-purpose, real-time location platform designed to augment a business through the use of long-lasting rugged Active RFID tags, and a network of receivers. The tags are placed on equipment and monitored using both long-range, real-time location system (RTLS) and close-range portal detection within a single system. The system can be used to provide a real-time view of inventory across multiple yard sites, and in harsh environments, even those in remote locations without data connectivity or power, as they can be serviced using wide-area wireless networking, and solar power technology. Ultimately, AllGuard provides complete protection for a business against a wide range of operational issues.

    Gate Exit Detection using Solar Powered System

    Linder is committed to seeking solutions that will allow them to continue providing a high standard for delivering quality industrial machinery and through the partnership seeks to streamline current processes and reduce turnaround time. Prior to implementing this solution, the company was writing off $70,000 USD in equipment per year, and then purchasing additional equipment to rent, while the required items were already on site, having been returned unbeknownst to them. Such issues can now be eliminated, as all equipment can be effectively tracked and located using the AllGuard Yard Management system.

    “Thanks to an alert that came through from the AllGuard system, we were recently able to prevent a $180,000 USD bulldozer from leaving the yard without authorization or the right paperwork”, says Eric Strid, Linder’s Director of IT. “This unit normally rents for $2800 USD weekly, and so we would have potentially lost revenue, and in the worst case we may even have lost the bulldozer, as lack of paperwork could also lead to a reduced sense of responsibility.”

    “We have been deploying yard management systems for some years”, stated Zahir Abji, President and CEO of Guard RFID Solutions, “but with the introduction of our wireless, and solar powered infrastructure, adoption of our AllGuard Yard Management system has been increasing dramatically, as customers such as Linder no longer have to make significant investments in providing power and networking within their yards to reap the benefits of our system. These benefits result in major cost savings as well as revenue enhancements, providing them with rapid return on investment in our system.”


    About Guard RFID Solutions Inc.

    GuardRFID is a proven expert in interoperable real-time location systems (I-RTLS) driving the next generation of security and compliance applications in healthcare, industrial and commercial environments. With indoor and outdoor installations around the world, the Company delivers the most robust multi-purpose real-time location platform with superior flexibility, interoperability and performance helping organizations achieve the protection, compliance and efficiencies they require when it comes to their people and assets – today and tomorrow. For more information, please visit

    About Linder Industrial Machinery Co.

    Linder Industrial Machinery Company sells off-road equipment for residential and commercial construction, highway construction, paving, aggregates and mining, landscape construction, forestry, demolition, agriculture, industrial, utility, government, and material handling markets in Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Southeast Georgia. It provides milling machines, pavers, compaction products, crushing products, road wideners, construction products, demolition and scrap attachments, and brooms; parts, used parts, and equipment rental services; and oil and wear analysis program, re-manufacturing and rebuild program, and diagnostics and support program services.

    Media Contact:
    Aradhna Sharma
    Marketing Specialist
    GuardRFID Solutions Inc
    604 343 3558

  • Patient and Employee Safety Front-of-Mind with GuardRFID’s New Push Button Personnel Tag

    Leading RFID solution provider launches industry’s smallest wearable RFID tag with distinct call button feature for protecting patients and staff in real-time.


    Guard RFID Solutions Inc., a leader in real-time location systems, today announced the launch of its new Personnel Tag (PT-3), a small and lightweight wearable RFID tag with a user-activated push button designed to protect patients and staff at healthcare facilities, and employees working in hazardous industrial environments.

    “We have developed our most versatile tag to date,” says Marek Dutkiewicz, Vice President Technology and Product Strategy, Guard RFID Solutions Inc. “Designed for a number of use cases, the PT-3 tag includes a distinctive and effective call button that can be used to call for help and alert authorities in the event of an emergency or accident experienced by the holder.”

    With an ageing population and increase in dementia sufferers, studies show that 31 percent of nursing home residents wander from their facility at least once, causing safety concerns for patients and staff alike. In addition, elderly patients at care facilities must currently try to reach a fixed help button or pull cord at their bedside when in need of urgent assistance. Safeguarding patients by preventing the risk of wandering or providing an easier means of calling for help from the bed are key safety goals with few real-time solutions.

    For staff in healthcare facilities, the threat of violence and injury is pervasive – 76 percent of all nurses experience verbal and/or physical violence, while 75 percent of 25,000 workplace assaults reported annually occur in healthcare settings1. Workplace violence prevention programs are in place, but aren’t always a fast-enough solution against immediate threats.

    Remote workers in industries like oil and gas exploration or construction can be exposed to perilous conditions. Over a seven-year period, 823 oil and gas extraction workers were killed on the job – a fatality rate seven times greater than for all U.S. industries, with many fatalities due to falls, slips, trips and exposure to harmful substances2. Accounting for where your employees are at all times is vital, particularly when cellphone coverage is poor.

    GuardRFID’s new PT-3 tag has been designed with these dangerous scenarios in mind and its unique push button can easily be pressed by the holder to call for help in an elopement emergency, workplace accident or Code White situation. The tag is also compatible with GuardRFID’s robust AllGuard platform, which means that warnings and alarms can be generated based on the location of the tag and the activation of the push button on the tag.

    A focus on design and usability means that the tag can be worn in two ways – either with a pendant or as part of a soft, comfortable wristband. The pendant adapter can be attached to a keychain or lanyard for quick access to the call button. The stylish wristbands are made of an anti-bacterial Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) material designed to withstand repeated exposure to hot water and steam, while making it easy for elderly patients or injured employees to press the push button on their band and call for help.

    “Based on customer and channel partner feedback, PT-3 is a step ahead of the rest,” says Kerry Brock, Vice President Sales and Marketing. “With its small size and wearable attachment options, the modern design is far less institutional than what we’ve seen on the market – you can comfortably wear it like a watch or pendant, and its unobtrusive size and excellent durability (both dustproof and waterproof) mean it can be worn, and used to alert people, in most workplaces and environments.”

    Now available, the PT-3 tag combines its exceptional push button feature with superior real-time situational awareness, comfort, sleekness and ease-of-use to deliver real-time safety to people in hospitals, long-term health care facilities and industrial operations. Plus, it’s backed by the same trusted real-time location identification capabilities as GuardRFID’s family of active tags used to identify, locate and secure people. For more information, please click here.


    About Guard RFID Solutions Inc. 
    GuardRFID is a proven expert in real-time location systems, driving the next generation of security applications in healthcare, industrial, and commercial environments. With indoor and outdoor installations around the world, GuardRFID delivers a robust multi-purpose real-time location platform with superior flexibility. We help organizations achieve the protection and efficiencies they require when it comes to their people and assets – today and tomorrow. For more information, please visit

    Media Contact: 
    Aradhna Sharma 
    Marketing Specialist 
    GuardRFID Solutions Inc. 
    604 343 3558 

    [1] Source: Journal of Emergency Nursing and Bulletin of American College of Surgeons

    [2]Source: Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries


  • GuardRFID infrastructure for RTLS applications
    GuardRFID’s infrastructure is the backbone that allows for identification, location and security of people and assets equipped with RFID tags....

  • The infrastructure consists of Tag Readers (TRR, TR2, TRC) and Tag Exciters (TE, PTE) that are deployed in the coverage area based on the location and security needs of the deployment scenario.

    Guard RFID tags communicate periodically with Tag Readers using 433MHz RFID signaling. The Tag Readers relay this information through Ethernet or WiFi (using a WiFi accessory kit) to the AllGuard Server which calculates the location of the tags and applies any necessary security protocols.

    Tag Exciters are typically deployed at entrance/exit/choke points of the facility and allow the solution to provide instant location of tags that is used for securing the person or asset of interest.

    The standard equipment is suitable for indoor deployment. The infrastructure is additionally offered for deployment in outdoor industrial, yard and hazardous (EX-rated) locations. It can be optionally deployed using solar/batteries.

  • Identify, locate, and protect employees
    Guard RFID’s staff tags use active RFID technology together with the AllGuard infrastructure and software to facilitate identification, location and protection of personnel....

  • A range of tags & attachment options are offered to allow the solution to be utilized in a variety of locations such as hospitals, manufacturing and oil and gas sites.

    1. Wearable wrist tags (PT-1 and PT-3) are IP68 rated tags worn using an adjustable wrist band. The PT-3 tag offers a push button that can be configured to alert appropriate personnel when it is pressed by the wearer. The PT-3 tag offers an additional option of attachment using a pendant. They have a 1-year battery life.
    2. The ‘ID badge-style’ personal tag (ST-3) is an IP52 and EX rated low-profile tag with two-way communication capability. Two buttons and LEDs and a man down sensor allow alarm generation and confirmation for safety events. Powered using replaceable batteries with a battery life of 1 year.
    3. Tag for keychains and hardhats (AT-4)  are IP68 and EX rated low profile tags can be attached to an ID badge or a  keychain or attached to a hard-hat. They have a battery life of 2 years with typical use.
  • Asset Tags for tracking assets in real-time
    GuardRFID’s active RFID based Asset Tracking solution has been helping hospitals, industrial and commercial enterprises across the globe track assets and improve processes....

  • The GuardRFID Asset Tracking solution uses Ultra-High Frequency (UHF) Beaconing alongside Low Frequency (LF) proximity detection to provide RTLS and room level location of assets.

    Types of Asset Tags:

    1. Low Profile Asset Tags (AT-4 and AT-5) These IP68 rated tags have an industry leading low profile (6mm) and small footprint. They can be discretely placed on almost any surface, including metal, without significant degradation in performance. The AT-4 tag is rated for use in hazardous (EX Class 1 Division 1) environments. The AT-5 tag offers a tamper detection capability.
    2. Industrial Tags (IT-2): This is a highly ruggedized tag that is waterproof and can withstand significant shock and vibration. It has been specifically developed for use in indoor and outdoor industrial and commercial applications. The tag can be easily mounted on metal surfaces with minimal degradation of its RF performance. The IT-2 is rated for use in potentially explosive environments (EX Class 1 Division 1).

  • Solar powered real-time location solution
    GuardRFID has developed a solar powered and completely wireless real-time location system for tracking and protecting people and assets at remote sites where no power or no network is available...

  • The GuardRFID solar powered system can be installed at remote industrial yards, oil & gas wells and platforms and monitored from a centralized corporate data center utilizing a wi-fi connection to the AllGuard server.

    The system operates in the 433 MHz UHF band, which is proven to perform reliably in the most difficult industrial environments. The technology is compliant with the IEEE 802.15.4:2014 standard and operates in a frequency band that is suitable for global consumption and not constrained by local regulatory requirements.  The Solar Powered Tag Readers and Solar Powered Tag Exciters are mounted on tripods for ultimate portability and ease of installation. 

    Solar Power Tag Reader (SPTR):

    • Fully wireless operation
    • Solar powered with 7-day backup battery.
    • Long communication range and tag detection enabled by high gain Wi-Fi and 433 MHz antennas.

    Solar Power Tag Exciter (SPTE):

    • Solar powered with 7-day backup battery at maximum field strength.
    • Instant tag detection up to 30 feet distance.
  • Outdoor equipment for real-time visibility
    GuardRFID offers reliable and scalable real-time solution for asset tracking which can be easily deployed in outdoor locations for accurate tracking and visibility....

  • Outdoor Tag Reader (OTR): The OTR features a Tag Reader Controller inside a NEMA 4 rated enclosure for outdoor use. The controller detects tags, controls doors, and works with the AllGuard server to provide you with intelligent location tracking and active alarm response. The durable, waterproof enclosure allows you to install the OTR in many outdoor environments, while providing you with the ability to detect tags in large industrial environments. The OTR supports Wi-Fi network communication when installed with an Ethernet to Wi-Fi Conversion Kit.

    Outdoor Tag Exciter (OTE): The OTE features a Tag Exciter inside a NEMA 4 rated enclosure for outdoor use. The exciter creates a low frequency field that triggers an active tag to report its position to the AllGuard server. The AllGuard server uses this information to provide accurate location tracking and activate configured alarms. The OTE is designed to be used with a Tag Reader Controller and AllGuard server as part of an end-to-end system.

  • A summary of solutions offered for the oil and gas
    Active RFID can be used to provide significant benefits for Oil & Gas facilities. The solutions may be used to safeguard your employees or enhance operational efficiencies....

  • Some of the prominent applications of the GuardRFID’s technology are:

    • Employee Mustering – the ability to accurately determine where human resources are located during an emergency or disaster event so as to effectively conduct evacuation activities and account for personnel
    • Staff Duress – providing the ability for personnel to send panic alarms using active RFID badges or tags equipped with push buttons to summon assistance.
    • Fall Detection – the ability to automatically send notifications that a tagged person or object has fallen.
    • Monitoring Personnel Competency – detecting tagged personnel entering highly hazardous zones to ensure that they are competent, certified, and were appropriately equipped and authorized to enter such areas.
    • Dwell time within hazardous areas – monitoring the amount of time personnel spend within a hazardous environment to ensure ‘safe’ limits are not exceeded.
    • Process analysis and enhancements – studying personnel and equipment movements and utilization to determine changes to affect positive process improvements.
    • Monitoring safety equipment – ensuring that adequate critical emergency equipment is in place and available; creating warnings if they fall below required limits.
    • Equipment tracking – monitoring equipment movement and utilization within zones for accounting purposes.
    • Equipment location – rapidly locate critical equipment when required, saving time and ensuring timely execution of scheduled activities.
    • Equipment loss prevention – detecting unauthorized movements of equipment and other assets to prevent their loss.
    • Real-time inventory visibility – having constant and real-time awareness of all valuable assets within a facility and monitoring their movement from one location to another.

  • IECEx certified infrastructure equipment
    GuardRFID’s Active RFID platform performs real-time tracking and protects equipment and personnel in hazardous industrial environments such as oil and gas industry....

  • GuardRFID’s equipment is IECEx certified for use in hazardous environments. The current GuardRFID products that have received IECEx certification are:

    EX-Rated Tags: AT-4BLF-Ex, ST 3BLF- Ex, IT- 2BLF- Ex are IECEx certified for use in hazardous gas atmospheres (Group II), with protection type “ia” (Intrinsically safe). They can be used in areas designated as Zone 0. These products are designed for employee accountability, lone worker safety, employee mustering, and asset tracking applications.

    Industrial Tag Exciter (ITE-Ex) is intended to be used in hazardous gas environments requiring IECEx certified equipment. The ITE-Ex is AC powered with built-in surge protection. Its fully sealed enclosure is intended for installations in outdoor environments with extended temperature ranges. The ITE-Ex is IECEx certified for deployment in hazardous gas atmospheres (Group II), with protection type “nA” (increased safety). It can be installed in areas designated as Zone 2.

    The Industrial Tag Reader (ITR-Ex) is intended to be used in hazardous environments requiring IECEx or ATEx certified equipment. The ITR-Ex is AC powered with built-in surge protection, and uses the 433 MHz frequency band to communicate with RFID/RTLS tags. The ITR-Ex is IECEx certified for deployment in hazardous gas atmospheres (Group II), with protection type “nA” (non-sparking). It can be installed in areas designated as Zone 2.

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