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Established in 2003, we are a high-tech company whose main business is providing oil and gas stimulation EOR technology and chemicals, curing the “disease” of oil-gas field. We could supply “3+ Service”, which is diagnosis and consultation, excellent products and personalized technical solution.


  • DRIVE crude oil extraction agent
    In the field of viscous oil and low permeability wells, it can effectively solve the problems of viscous oil caused by colloid, wax and asphalt, oil well production decline near wellbore and low oil production....

  • There are more and more development difficulties in the old oil fields, and the technology demand is higher and higher particularly in the heavy oil wells containing large amounts of asphaltene, wax and colloid. We have developed DRIVE crude oil extraction technology based on the oil scales forming reason.

    DRIVE active molecules could capture oil scales in the oil reservoir smartly. It could decompose macromolecules thick oil regiment into small molecules by extraction effect, so as to open up a new oil flow channel, produce an admirable yield-increasing result.

    DRIVE crude oil extraction agent has super ability to solve oil scales, so it is called as "magic liquid" in the oil fields stimulation and EOR.

    Drive crude oil extraction agent could be applied in the well cleaning, huff and puff stimulation, pipeline liquidity improvement, thermal oil recovery, and EOR in the heavy oil blocks. It is mainly used in oilfield having low permeability viscous oil and wax.

  • Slickwo Constant Cleaning Fracturing Fluid
    It is the simplest operational fracturing fluid in the world.
    Yield-increase rate:50%-200%
    It has obvious characteristics of adjustable viscosity, low friction, continuous mixing, high degradation rate, easy processing and environmental protection....

  • It is called as the simplest operation fracturing fluid technology in the world, which is formed by high performance liquid graft polymer and active matter. It doesn’t need to prepare in advance. Fracturing fluid ensures the feasibility of high efficiency carrying sand and increasing complex fracture, which could achieve to combine low concentration slickwater and high concentration glue solution seamlessly.
    Viscosity time ≤30s
    Viscosity time Could be adjusted with the needs
    Viscosity after shearing >20mpa.s
    Storage modulus>20Pa
    Residue content, Trace amount
    Core damage ratio ≤15%
    Temperature resistance ≥160℃
    It has got good results in various oilfields. It has characteristics of simple operating, continuous mixing, quick dissolving, adjustable viscosity, low friction, low damage, small viscosity flowback fluid, high degradation rate, environmental protection, and good effect of yield increase, especially adaptable in low permeable oil fields.
  • KETON Bio-acid
    It could enable oilfield to obtain high efficiency, at the same time get better security gains. The technology could completely replace past conventional acidification and pickling way, which is not safe and not eco-friendly. This revolution is obvious....

  • It is a kind of eco-friendly plug removal agent. It could completely replace past conventional acidification and pickling way. Its materials come from nature with characteristics of non-volatility, low odor, non toxicity, low corrosion, protecting equipment and environment. It can fully solve the problems of plug removal in the formation, pipes and equipment, water injection, yield decrease, low recovery efficiency, as a result of the formation pressure, temperature reducing, crude oil degassing, inorganic salt, iron compounds, heavy hydrocarbon, biological membrane depositing into scale.
    1. Features:
    Environmental protection.
    Good descaling ability.
    Prevent clay swelling.
    Activity: wetting, dispersion, demulsification, anti-sludge.
    super strong ferric ion stabilizing ability.
    2. Application ranage:
    Inorganic scales deposit and plug in oil and gas well (including sand control damage polymer plug).
    Bacterial plug in oil and water wells.
    Low permeability tight sandstone plug.