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See our complete jacking systems and more!

Manufacturer of gearboxes, winch drives, & slew drives for offshore applications, work cranes & capstans. We also offer a jack-up boat drive system that, when combined with torque tube, pinion & outboard supports, provides a complete jacking system with benefits such as more jacking capacity per pinion & more efficient maintenance & removal.


  • Jackup Drives - 700T Series
    Planetary gearboxes available as in-line or with a bevel gearbox, electrically or hydraulically driven, optional negative parking brake, complete with output, integrated torque arm, integrated pinion shaft and large capacity bearing....

    • Max Jacking: Up to 1,150,000 Nm
    • Max Holding: Up to 1,430,000 Nm
    • Storm Holding: Up to 2,100,000 Nm
    • ABS Design Assessed
    • Applicable motors:
      • Piston hydraulic
      • Electric IEC
    • Two main interface variants available throughout the full range
      • 700TF design with single spigot installation 
      • 700TN design with double support points
    • Parking brakes
      • The failsafe brake is in the same oil bath with the gears to allow better heat dissipation due to continuous duty during heavy compensating work mode 
    • Torque ratings are organized by FEM class C5M coating systems are available in conformity with Norsok M501 prescriptions
  • Jack-Up Drives - JD Series (O&K)
    ABS assessed for lifting/lowering legs and hulls of drilling and service rigs, lift boats and windmill installation vessels. In-line or drop box for offset motor installation, electrically or hydraulically driven with optional negative parking brake....

    • Max Jacking Load: 560 metric tons / 600 short tons / 1,230 Kips
    • Max Jacking Torque: Up to 1,900 kNm
    • Max Holding Torque: Up to 2,400 kNm
    • Max Storm Holding Torque: Up to 2,900 kNm
    • Applicable Motors:
      • Piston Hydraulic
      • Electric IEC
    • Class approval from ABS and DNV GL, and full 3.2 certification of the load-bearing parts of the gear transmission with full traceability from raw material to final machined component.
  • Winch Drives - FW Series
    Drives suitable for a large spectrum of winch applications thanks to a wide torque range, compact design and failsafe brake. Electrically driven versions are available with both in-line and right-angle configurations....

    • Torque Range: 5 - 210 kNm
    • Gear Ratios: 35 - 490
    • Applicable Motors:
      • Hydraulic
      • Hydraulic Orbit
      • Electric IEC
    • Compact structure
    • Robust layout of planetary gear unit
    • Robust taper roller bearings for drum support and cable pull
    • Integrated disc-brake
    • Easy oil change from front side
    • Easy drum mounting
    • High variety of hydraulic and electric motors
    • Input shafts and angular input available
    • Interchangeable solutions available