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Green Pin® is the leading brand for chain and wire rope fittings in the world. Green Pin® offers you premium quality rigging equipment, unrivaled stock availability of 99% and first-class customer support. Irizar Forge is the premier manufacturer of heavy duty lifting and mooring components such as crane hooks, rope sheaves, wheels and complete crane blocks up to 5.000t SWL.


  • Green Pin Tycan® Lifting/Lashing Chain
    Green Pin Tycan® Chains are made from Dyneema® fibre. It's up to eight times lighter than steel- yet just as strong. Join leading heavy-lifting companies such as Mammoet in experiencing the superiority of our award-winning Green Pin Tycan® Chain...

  • Combine safety and efficiency

    Green Pin Tycan® combines the almost paradoxical characteristics of being feather light and soft to the touch, while providing the strength of steel. This makes Green Pin Tycan® the first chain that offers both safety and efficiency.

    Secure your crew and your cargo
    Green Pin Tycan® allows companies to achieve a safer working environment for their crew. The soft touch and light weight reduce the risk of bad backs, cuts, bruises or hearing damage. Furthermore, the risk of damage to vulnerable and valuable cargo is reduced significantly, as is the threat of claims from customers.

    Increase Operational Efficiencies
    Green Pin Tycan® Chain is very easy to use and up to eight times lighter than a steel chain of comparable strength. This makes even long lengths of Green Pin Tycan® light enough for one person to work with all day long. Your operations will benefit from reduced sick leave, fewer delays and lower transport costs.

  • Green Pin Power Sling® Shackle
    Working on heavy lift projects in challenging times requires
    revolutionary power. Green Pin Power Sling® Shackle has a unique design that enables you to lift the same load with a lighter wire. Lighter wire means lower costs....

  • Lower your costs

    The Green Pin Power Sling® Shackle lets you save up to 20% on synthetic- and wire rope costs thanks to its revolutionary design. It has an optimal D/d ratio and the widest crown (+10%) in the industry.

    The Green Pin Power Sling® shackle distributes stress better than any other shackle in its class;
    the result of reinforcement of the areas that endure the highest stress. Together with the improved
    D/d ratio this boosts the bending efficiency of the wire to 85%. This way, the Green Pin Power Sling®
    allows you to use a lighter wire to lift the same load, lowering cost significantly.

    • 10% wider shackle crown
    • save 20% on wire rope
    • range from 125t - 1250t

    Easy does it

    With the Green Pin Power Sling® Shackle, heavy lifting has never been easier. It offers riggers great handling thanks to the lower body weight and multiple handling points.

    Handling points attached to body and pin let you assemble sling and load with much less effort. The consistent mouthwidth between batches of Power Sling® shackles guarantees that dimensions in the technical documentation are truly accurate. 

  • Green Pin® ROV Shackle
    Total control for the ROV pilot and engineer
    Working with ROV's at great depths presents a range of unique challenges. The entire range of Green Pin® ROV Shackles has been specially designed for subsea applications....

  • The entire range of Green Pin® ROV Shackles has been specially designed for subsea applications, offering ROV pilots and engineers maximum control during lifting operations where a load is released or retrieved. Assembly and disassembly of the shackle is fast and easy with the help of locking systems that are intuitive to use from a distance. The white coating of the shackle bodies also optimizes under water visibility. What’s more, intuitive use translates into greater control and enhanced safety.

    Complete range developed specifically for sub-sea applications

    Green Pin® offers three types of ROV release shackles and two types of combined release & retrieve shackles. Showpieces in this range are the Green Pin® Guided Pin ROV Shackle and the Green Pin® Locking Clamp ROV Shackle. ROV release shackles are available with spring pins, locking clamps or spring loading. 

    All shackle bodies are finished with a white coating for optimized visibility in poor light conditions. Furthermore, the pins are finished in the instantly recognizable characteristic ‘Green Pin®’ colour. Green Pin® ROV Shackles: total control, smooth operation and greater safety.