Technomark North America

13626 Poplar Circle
Suite 502
Conroe,  TX  77304

United States
  • Booth: 5805

TECHNOMARK is a leading OEM of industrial traceability solutions centered on two core direct-part-mark (DPM) technologies: dot peen and laser marking.  Located in Conroe, TX just 40 miles north of downtown Houston, TECHNOMARK North America is the only OEM of industrial laser and dot peen marking machinery with USA headquarters located in TEXAS.  

 Press Releases

  • TECHNOMARK North America has partnered with Ascentium Capital to offer equipment leasing options on industrial laser and dot peen marking machinery.  SmartLease is a lease-to-own program that frees up cash flow by allowing manufacturers to purchase industrial marking equipment over an extended payment term via predictable, low monthly installments.  Thanks to SmartLease, manufacturers can pay for the asset using funds from the operating/MRO budget instead of issuing a capital expenditure (CAPEX).  To learn more, go to Benefits of Equipment Leasing for Manufacturing

    To receive a SmartLease quote on TECHNOMARK industrial marking machinery, please contact 


  • GRAPHIX Laser Marking System by TECHNOMARK
    Designed for today's flexible manufacturing environment, the GRAPHIX laser marking workstation is a cost-effective solution for adding permanent identification markings to ferrous and non-ferrous metals as well as many plastics....

  • TECHNOMARK North America has partnered with IDEX Corporation of Denver, CO to provide a laser marking solution for permanent identification of BAND-IT metal ID bands in a high-volume production environment.  BAND-IT colored bands are used for frac iron recertification, asset management, and other visual identification programs.  BAND-IT COLOR-IT® technology resists weathering and color fading, with 16 stocked colors available for same-day delivery and custom powder coating available for non-standard colors. BAND-FAST® preassembled band and clips allow for a safe, quick installation.  The GRAPHIX laser marking workstation is available with a 3-up BAND-IT fixture accessory for increased production throughput. To see a demonstration video, go to: GRAPHIX laser marking system with BAND-IT metal ID band loading fixture
  • Multi-4 MINI ultra-compact dot peen marking head
    TECHNOMARK North America is pleased to introduce the Multi-4 MINI ultra-compact dot peen marking head at OTC 2019 !!!...

  • Comfortable to use and easy to set up, the compact design and light weight of the Multi4 MINI makes it an ideal solution for permanent marking of heavy, cumbersome and hard-to-reach parts in a hand held configuration. Its unique shape ensures balanced weight distribution for a ease of handling in any position.  The Multi-4 MINI is 100% portable with the optional battery kit, ready for use indoors or outdoors.  Thanks to TECHNOMARK's patented iiC Intelligent Impact Control technology, there is no need to set the distance between the marking stylus and the part - just position and mark!  To see a demonstration video, go to: Multi-4 MINI ultra-compact dot peen marking head 

  • Multi-4 modular 4-in-1 dot peen marking system
    Need a portable solution for deep marking of text characters and 2D data matrix codes onto plate steel and surface equipment for the oilfield that receives a three-coat paint process?...

  • The Multi-4 dot peen marking system with optional magnetic head support provides a strong clamping force when attached to ferrous material surfaces, permitting the operator to stabilize the head in a fixed position during the marking cycle for best quality results.  To see a demonstration video on the complete range of Multi-4 dot peen marking systems, go to: Multi-4 modular 4-in1 dot peen marking system