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PETROLSTAR TOOLS AND SERVICES INC, the America-based company, commits to providing the best down-hall tools.


  • Dissolvable Frac Plug
    The dissolvable frac plug is a new generation solutions for the stimulation operations. It dissolves in low temperature, low salinity, or even fresh water wellbore environments....

  • This high-performance frac plug provides zonal isolation for pumpdown applications during wellbore stimulation. The large bore ID allows operators to produce through the plug while it remains in the wellbore and begins the dissolution process immediately following fracturing. Both of the body and the sealing rubber can be dissolved, full wellbore ID is achieved after complete dissolution, eliminating the need for drilling out, thus help saving time and cost.

    • Full 10,000 psi bottom-hole differential pressure between stages;
    • Large ID to facilitate immediate flowback and well clean up;
    • Eliminate the risk and cost associated with conventional plug removal;
    • Simplistic three piece design and compact construction;
    • Integrated anti-preset design;
    • Low dissolvable rubber content.
  • Tubing -Retrievable Safety Valves
    Tubing Retrievable Safety Valves are self-equalizing, flapper type safety valve designed to shut in a well at a point below the surface....

  • The safety valve is a surface controlled, subsurface safety valve and is normally closed. The valve is held open by hydraulic control pressure and remains open until the control-line pressure is exhausted. The hydraulic control pressure is transmitted from a remote location through a control line to operate the valve. The valves are value engineered to provide long-lasting, safe, and reliable operation.

    • Simple, compact design
    • Single Rod Piston type with Non-elastomer dynamic piston seals
    • Rod Piston type with unique hydraulic actuation(single-piece piston/flow tube)
    • Metal-to-metal seal in closed position
    • Positive debris barrier at both ends of flow tube
    • Flapper sealing verified to sand service (no resilient seal required)
    • Minimized potential leak paths
    • Optimum reliability
    • Superior well containment and safety
    • Low friction, smooth operation
    • Critical component isolated from well environment

    Enhanced debris isolation and tolerance

  • PRH4 ESP packer
    PRH4 ESP packer is designed to be run with Electric Submersible Pumps. The packer is a hydraulic-set, straight pull shear release, upper single-string, double-bore retrievable packer....

  • The packer with several additional optional ports allows venting of annular pressure, fluid injection through the packer, and/or instrument wire port bypass. The vent valve is designed to be threaded to the top of the packer.  The valve is hydraulically operated and allows for gas bypass around the packer.  The packer comes with a plug for when the vent valve is not used.

    • Hydro-test capability of feed through connection.
    • A pack-off power cable feed-through system is provided with thread connections
    • Additional bores for venting of annular pressure, chemical-injection lines, control lines, and well-monitoring devices through the packer
    • Slip design offers exceptional hang weight capability

    Case carburized bi-directional slips anchor the packer against well pressure from above or below