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ATEX Certified air & hydraulic power tools and non-sparking Safety Tools for working in Ex Zones in offshore & process industries. ATEX saws, drills, hammer drills, impact wrenches & fans for use in explosion secured areas. Trelawny surface prep tools for removing coatings & corrosion. Complete line of underwater power tools for subsea applications

 Press Releases

  • CS Unitec’s Model 2 2426 0010 Hydraulic Rotary Hammer Drill delivers up to 3,400 blows per minute for percussion drilling of concrete, rock and masonry. This tool uses SDS-Plus shank carbide tipped bits up to 3” diameter for cost-effective drilling of concrete anchor holes and thru-holes. Additional applications include piping and mechanical openings, as well as other construction and repair work. This versatile hammer drill can also be switched to a rotary mode for drilling of steel and wood.

    The Hammer Drill works at 1160 PSI operating pressure. Model 2 2426 0010 includes an integrated hydraulic pressure reducing valve to reduce output pressure of standard hydraulic units from 2000 PSI to 1160 PSI. The flow range is 5.8 to 13.2 GPM.

    ATEX classified for use in hazardous environments, the drill is suitable for use in offshore, marine, mining, utility and construction applications, as well as other industries where hydraulic power is the norm. Features include a safety clutch that protects against overloads and jamming; an adjustable side handle with depth gauge; and sealed gears with permanent lubrication. It weighs 15 lbs. CS Unitec supplies the drill with a water flushing attachment that suppresses concrete dust. The unit also includes hydraulic hoses with 3/8” Flush-Face (FF) connectors for supply and return, an adjustable grip handle and a carrying case.

    For more information: https://www.csunitec.com/drills/hammer-drills-air-hydraulic/hydraulic-rotary-hammer-drills/sds-plus-hydraulic-rotary-hammer-drills-3-models

  • CS Unitec's Trelawny™ Floor Scarifier tackles the most demanding surface preparation and material removal applications. Powered by a 5.5 HP Honda GX160 gas motor, Model 320.2000T removes coatings and corrosion from concrete and steel surfaces, roughens concrete and creates a keyed or grooved profile for waterproofing and non-slip surface applications. 

    The TFP 200 has an 8” cutting width and 1/8” max. cutting depth per pass. Depth control enables removal of surface materials without damaging the substrate, maximizing performance and extending cutter life. Other features include a fully adjustable handlebar, integrated vacuum connection and hold-to-run handle.

    CS Unitec offers a selection of cutters for a variety of applications. Tungsten Carbide Tipped (TCT) cutters are ideal for concrete roughing and heavy corrosion removal, as well as grooving roadways for non-slip surface. Beam cutters remove light paint and corrosion with minimal damage to the substrate. Star cutters are optimal for mastics and rubberized coatings.

    For more information:

  • CS Unitec’s new pipe cutting machine cuts and bevels pipe from 12” to 63” diameter with a wall thickness from 1/4” to 2”. This 2-speed, pneumatic machine operates at 1800 RPM for cutting and 350 RPM for low-speed/high-torque beveling. Model 5 8002 7000 cuts ductile iron, non-ferrous metal, PVC, plastic, cement pipe and more. This versatile machine also bevels 45˚, 60˚ and 90˚ angles with optional blades for on-site weld preparation. The pipe cutting machine uses 77 CFM air volume at 90 PSI air pressure and weighs 28 lbs. for easy portability.

    ATEX Certified under Class II 2 GcT6, the tool can be used in industrial zones where flammable gas, vapor, mist and dust may be present and where surface temperatures do not exceed 185˚F/85˚C. The machine’s ATEX classification and durability make it perfectly suited for use in refinery, offshore oil, marine, petrochemical, power generation, industrial plant maintenance, pipe line construction and demolition applications.

    The pipe cutting machines feature a 7” blade – carbide tipped or diamond coated (sold separately) – with blade guard, adjustable cutting depth and water connection for cooling the blade. The machine is guided manually with the hand lever feed to make a 360˚ cut in the pipe. The guide chain can be adjusted by adding and removing chain links.

    For more information, visit: https://www.csunitec.com/saws/pipe-cutting-machines


  • 11-Head Deck Hammer - SF11
    Deck hammer provides 33,000 blows per minute to fracture and reduce scale, corrosion and thick coatings. Ideal for ship decks, tank bottoms, bridge decks and more, the SF11 significantly increases productivity with 7x less vibration than standard models....

  • The eleven piston heads of CS Unitec’s ScaleForce Eleven (SF11) pneumatic deck hammer provide 33,000 blows per minute to fracture and reduce scale, corrosion and thick coatings. Ideal for use on ship decks, tank bottoms, bridge decks and more, the SF11 significantly increases surface preparation productivity when used ahead of grit blasting to break down coatings.

    Operating with 7x less vibration than standard models, the SF11’s integrated Vibro-Lo™ vibration reduction technology reduces operator fatigue, increases efficiency and helps to prevent injury. The tool has a vibration level of 5.76 m/s2

    Cruciform taper-fit piston heads are supplied standard. Spark-resistant copper beryllium heads are available for use in hazardous areas. SF11 Model 159.5912 is fitted with a dust shroud to reduce airborne particles when attached to an industrial vacuum system, providing a cleaner working environment.

    The low body profile and adjustable handle of this deck hammer enables access under pipes and other constructions to 6” and up to 5/8” from edges. The SF11 consumes 70 CFM of air at 90 PSI.

    For more information: https://www.csunitec.com/surface-preparation/metal-surface-preparation-tools/metal-descaling-tools/pneumatic-deck-hammer-11-heads

  • ATEX-Certified Needle Scalers
    ATEX-certified low-vibration needle scaler kits ideal for use in hazardous environments in oil, gas and petrochem industries. The Trelawny™ ATEX Vibro-Lo™ series for metal and masonry to remove coatings and corrosion and clean other accumulated materials....

  • CS Unitec has introduced a line of low-vibration needle scaler kits that are ATEX certified for use in hazardous environments such as those found in the oil, gas and petrochemical industries. The Trelawny™ ATEX Vibro-Lo™ series is designed for all surfaces – metal and masonry – to remove coatings and corrosion and clean other accumulated materials. Models VL203Ex, VL223Ex and VL303Ex are ATEX-certified Ex II 2 Gc IIA T4 for use where hazardous, flammable or combustible vapors, gases or mists are present and surface temperatures do not exceed 135˚ C (275˚ F). This series produces 7x less vibration than traditional needle scalers. The lower vibration reduces operator fatigue, increases efficiency and helps to prevent injury. The scalers operate at only 5.5 CFM of air with vibration levels up to 2.3 Aeq m/s2.

    These lightweight, easy-to-handle pneumatic units provide up to 3000 blows per minute. They are ideal for irregular surfaces that are otherwise difficult to prepare. The VL203Ex and VL303Ex are designed with a pistol grip handle and have 19 and 28 needles, respectively. Model VL223Ex has an inline handle and is equipped with 19 needles. Changing needles is quick and easy, requiring no additional tools. Non-sparking Copper Beryllium needles are supplied with the tool.

    Equipped with a vacuum shroud, these models can be attached to a dust extraction vacuum to reduce hazardous airborne materials. The kit contains a spare set of Copper Beryllium needles and a fall arrestor to eliminate the risk of dropping the tool when working at heights or in applications where dropping/losing the tool is likely.

    For more information: https://www.csunitec.com/surface-preparation/concrete/concrete-metal-scalers/needle-scalers

  • Pneumatic Chain Saw with Brake
    CS Unitec's 5 1027 line of air chain saws are designed for cutting plastic, including HDPE, Polyethylene, PVC, as well as wood. Include an integrated water feed and chain brake. ATEX certified for hot work areas, Ex zones or hazardous environments....

  • CS Unitec 5 1027 air chain saws are specifically designed for plastic cutting applications, including HDPE, Polyethylene, PVC and more (as well as wood). The saws include an integrated water feed and a chain brake to stop chain movement during kickback or repositioning of the saw during cutting. These air saws feature two separate lubricating systems that automatically oil the saw chain and motor for easy startup and low-maintenance operation. Safer than gas or electric in hazardous atmospheres, these saws are ATEX Certified and suitable for use in hot work areas, Ex zones or hazardous environments. The powerful 4 HP motor consumes 92 CFM of air at 90 PSI. The Series 5 1027 saw is available with a cutting capacity of 17”, 21” or 25”. Standard equipment includes a .404 pitch Super Chisel saw chain. Carbide-tipped and ripping saw chains are also available, as well as a pipe clamp for straight cutting. CS Unitec offers a full line of air chain saws with a chain brake suitable for other industrial applications. The Series 5 1026 chain saw is optimal for cutting wood. Series 5 1028 is ideal for underwater applications and marine environments. Series 5 1029 is engineered for use in mining and underground applications. Many models in the aforementioned lines are ATEX Classified. For more information: https://www.csunitec.com/saws/chain-saws/pneumatic-chain-saws/4-hp-pneumatic-chain-saws-plastic