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At Barracuda we strive to make the world a safer place. We believe every business deserves access to cloud-enabled, enterprise-grade security solutions that are easy to buy, deploy, and use. We protect email, networks, data and applications with innovative solutions that grow and adapt with our customers’ journey. More than 150,000 organizations worldwide trust Barracuda to protect them – in ways they may not even know they are at risk – so they can focus on taking their business to the next level. For more information, visit

 Press Releases

  • Best practices to defend against the three most prevalent types of spear-phishing attacks

    CAMPBELL, Calif., March 19, 2019  — 


    • Brand impersonation is being used in 83 percent of spear-phishing attacks
    • 1 in 3 business email compromise attacks are launched from Gmail accounts
    • Sextortion scams, a form of blackmail that makes up 10 percent of all spear-phishing attacks, continue to increase
    • Employees are twice as likely to be the target of blackmail than business email compromise

    Barracuda, a trusted partner and leading provider for cloud-enabled security solutions, today released key findings from a report with the title Spear Phishing: Top Threats and Trends. Barracuda researchers evaluated more than 360,000 spear-phishing emails in a three-month period, identifying and analyzing three major types of attacks: brand impersonation, business email compromise, and blackmail.

    Read the full report:

    The report takes an in-depth look at how these three types of attacks work, why traditional email security can’t stop them, the latest techniques scammers are using, and how organizations can protect against these attacks.

    A Closer Look at Evolving Threats

    Barracuda’s research uncovered fresh insights into how these popular attacks are evolving and the tactics they are using to evade detection.

    • Impersonating Microsoft is one of the more common techniques used by hackers trying to take over accounts.
    • Financial institutions are impersonated in nearly 1 in 5 attacks. Finance department employees are heavily targeted, as they are most likely to deal with banks and other financial institutions.
    • The majority of subject lines on sextortion emails contain some form of security alert.
    • Attackers often include the victim’s email address or password in the subject line.
    • Subject lines on more than 70 percent of business email compromise attack emails try to establish rapport or a sense of urgency; many imply the topic has been previously discussed.
    • Scammers use name-spoofing techniques, changing the display name on Gmail and other email accounts to make the email appear to come from a company employee. This tactic can be especially deceiving to those reading the email on a mobile device.

    “Spear phishing attacks are designed to evade traditional email security solutions, and the threat is constantly evolving as attackers find new ways to avoid detection and trick users,” said Asaf Cidon, VP, Content Security at Barracuda Networks. “Staying ahead of these types of attacks requires the right combination of technology and user training, so it’s critical to have a solution in place that detects and protects against spear-phishing attacks, including business email compromise, brand impersonation, and sextortion.”

    Barracuda Sentinel uses artificial intelligence and deep integration with Office 365 to detect spear phishing attacks and stop them before they reach your mail server. Total Email Protection takes that protection a step further, combining Barracuda Sentinel with Barracuda EssentialsBarracuda PhishLine, and Barracuda Forensics and Incident Response for a complete email security, archiving, and data protection solution.


    Download the full report:

    Read the blog post:   

  • Highlights:

    • Automated incident response gives customers and channel partners a faster, more efficient way to find, investigate, and remediate malicious emails delivered to users’ inboxes
    • Administrators can send alerts to impacted users, easily find users who clicked on links, and remove malicious emails directly from users’ inboxes
    • Discovery and threat insights help identify anomalies in delivered email, providing more proactive ways to detect potential email threats

    Barracuda, a trusted partner and leading provider for cloud-enabled security solutions, today announced the introduction of Forensics and Incident Response. Available to Barracuda Total Email Protection customers, the solution automates incident response and provides remediation options, helping organizations address issues faster and more efficiently.

    Attackers often attempt to bypass traditional email security measures by using social engineering tactics — emails that contain no malicious code, attachments, links, or accounts — or by trying to reuse credentials stolen in an outside data breach or compromised through another threat vector. When an attack like this does slip through an organization’s defenses, administrators need to respond quickly.

    With Forensics and Incident Response, when users report a targeted attack, administrators can investigate the attack, find all the affected users, remove malicious emails directly from users’ inboxes, and send alerts to users impacted by an incident. In addition, discovery and threat functionality help identify anomalies in delivered email, giving customers and channel partners proactive ways to detect email threats.

    “Today when security teams learn about email-borne attacks, for most companies, security incident response is a time-consuming, manual process that can take hours or days to identify and remediate, which can often lead to further spread of an attack,” said Asaf Cidon, VP of Content Security, Barracuda. “Forensics and Incident Response addresses these problems by arming businesses with the tools and information they need to handle incidents in a faster and more proactive way that can take minutes instead of hours or days.”

    Wilbur-Ellis, a leading global agribusiness company, deployed Forensics and Incident Response to strengthen email security, and their IT team is already seeing the benefits. Before introducing the solution, the IT team at Wilbur-Ellis relied on users to report email attacks that may have slipped past email security. Each day users reported a few attacks, most of which relied on social engineering tactics, and for every one of those attacks the team had to search through tens of thousands of emails to see if any of their 4,000 other users had gotten the same message.

    “Barracuda Forensics and Incident Response allows us to find the emails that slip through the filters and remove them as needed,” said Rick Cahoon, Director of Enterprise Security and Support at Wilbur-Ellis. “Knowing who got the bad email in our enterprise is now all in the same tool. When a suspicious email is reported, we can begin to and sometimes completely remediate the environment quickly. We can identify which users received the email, which users clicked on any bad links, and block future emails from the bad account — all in the same interface. Barracuda Forensics is a big win for our IT and security teams.”

    Learn more about Forensics and Incident Response, now available with Barracuda Total Email Protection:



    Get information about Forensics and Incident Response:

    Get information about Barracuda Total Email Protection:

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  • Barracuda Essentials
    Barracuda Essentials provides multiple layers of email protection for O365, Exchange and G Suite. Unlike piecemeal multi-vendor solutions, Essentials can be set up in minutes to provide a single pane of glass to in a simple package that is easy to manage....

  • 91 percent of cyber attacks start with an email. Keep your email, users, and data safe with Barracuda Essentials, the industry's most comprehensive email security platform.

    Stop advanced threats. Protect your users and business from volumetric threats like malware and spam, as well advanced threats like targeted spear phishing and ransomware.

    Stay compliant and productive. Our tamper-proof archiving ensures compliace with email retention policies. Email continuity ensures delivery of emails in the event of a mail server interruption.

    Keep your data safe. Protect your data from corruption and deletion with full cloud backup and recovery of every email and file. Keep sensitive data safe with data leak prevention and encryption. 

  • SD-WAN
    Learn how Barracuda's Secure SD-WAN and Advanced Security enhances the performance of your corporate network in the era of widely dispersed networks including SaaS applications and public cloud deployments....

  • Software-Defined Wide-Area-Networks are an increasingly popular and cost-effective alternative to hardwired network connections and MPLS infrastructures, but they still require firewalls to secure network connections. With other vendors, this means buying, managing, and maintaining two boxes at each location—an SD-WAN appliance to connect to the WAN and a network firewall to provide security controls. Only Barracuda combines SD-WAN connectivity and advanced security into a single product that can be deployed on-premises as a physical or virtual appliance or in the cloud.

    Barracuda’s CloudGen Firewalls redefine the role of the firewall from a pure perimeter security solution to a distributed network optimization solution that can scale across any number of locations and applications. In addition to typical security and application regulation functions, the firewall regulates traffic flows and provides SD-WAN features to economically route traffic across the extended network while improving performance. Replacing expensive, leased MPLS lines with inexpensive Broadband and smart VPN tunnels providing traffic compression across multiple uplinks significantly minimizes WAN cost.