Noralis Ltd

Unit 6, Manor Farm Courtyard, Southam Lane
Cheltenham,  Gloucester  GL52 3PB

United Kingdom
  • Booth: 1339

Noralis is a technology driven, industry leading, Measurement While Drilling (MWD) equipment manufacturer. Our augmented down hole electronics with patented solid-state tech has advanced environmental sensing to better understand your wells. The industry leading decoding coupled with the integrated surface software is transforming the way MWD services are provided. Refreshing MWD.


  • NPD - Noralis Pressure Decoder
    Noralis Decoders enable Mud Pulse Decoding at 4 bits/sec or a 0.125 Pulse Width...

  • NPD - Noralis Pressure Decoder

    • Patent Pending Suite of Adaptive Digital Filters
    • Eliminates the Highest Cause of NPT Associated with MWD
    • Data Rates Revive Mud Pulse and Outperform EM Telemetry Speeds
    • Integrates Smoothly into Service Company’s Existing Business Model
    • Successfully Executing in Applications Previously Thought to be Unachievable
    • Reduce Rig Flat Time with Surveys On Connection
      • Turn Pumps on and Go to Bottom
      • No More Waiting for Survey to Complete Transmission

    • Increased Data Density
      • Transmit Live Inc/Azm, Shock And Vibration, and Other Analytics Without Sacrificing Critical Gamma Or Tool Face Updates

    • 30+ Wells in Eagleford at 0.375 PW to TD
      • 1.33 Bits per Second
      • 99% Decode Quality

    • Case Study – Permian 0.25 PW
      • 2 Bits per Second
      • 99-100% Decode Quality to 20,400 MD
      • Dual Agitators
      • Higher Data Resolution
      • Optimize Curve Performance
      • Precisely Determine Landing Points

    • Case Study - Delaware Basin 0.125 PW
      • 4 Bts per Second
      • 98% Decode Quality at 22,000 MD
  • NDM - Noralis Directional Module
    NDM is a fully featured MWD electronics. The integrated design combines the sensors, processor, and power supply on a single chassis....

  • NDM - Noralis Directional Module

    • Patented Solid State Sensor Algorithms
    • 50% of Industry Standard Price Point
    • 10x More Robust than Traditional Quartz Based Tech
    • Overcame Technological Barriers Associated with Solid State
      • Meets ISCWSA Survey Accuracy Standards to 167°C (175°C Survival)
    • Providing Advanced Wellbore Understanding
      • Accurate Live Inclination
      • Accurate Live Azimuth
      • Shock and Vibration 
      • Dynamic Sequencing

    NDM Pro - Noralis Directional Module Pro

    • Similar to  NDM with sensor upgrade 
    • Accuracy to 190°C (Operating and Survival)
    • CanBus, QBus, and RS485 support
    • Commercialization Q3 2019
      • Currently on Field Trials

  • NISE - Noralis Integrated Software Environment
    NISE is a fully integrated MWD software with Decoding, Logging, Database Management, and Tool Interaction capabilities....

  • NISE - Noralis Integrated Software Environment

    • Automated Routines For Repetitive Tasks
    • Advanced Adaptive Filtering via Machine Learning
    • Customizable Views with Scripting Support
    • Linked Directly to Noralis Cloud
    • Standardize Report Expectations
    • Automatic Depth Tag of All Transmitted and Memory Data
    • Azm Gamm Imaging
    • Rolltests
    • Programming
    • Gamma Logging
    • Enables Remote Operations and Remote Monitoring