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Underwater dry-mate fiber optic and high-speed connectors, custom high-pressure cable assemblies and terminations. Downhole, high-pressure/ high-temp and above-deck shipboard interconnect solutions. Depth rated to 10,000 psi for Oil and Gas industry, naval and defense, deep-sea and oceanographic applications.  GLENAIR is your complete solutions provider for ruggedized interconnect products.


  • SeaKing
    Wide selection of SubSea Products including dry mate, hermetic, fiber and highspeed connectors and accessories....

  • SeaKing is an innovative new connector series that eliminates a broad range of mechanical design weaknesses found in many of today’s high-pressure subsea connector families. From its double O-ring seals and retractable engaging nut, to its multi-keyed mating interface, the SeaKing represents a bold new approach to subsea power and signal connectivity. Ideally suited for offshore oil & gas, military/defense, oceanographic research, and other harsh-environment subsea applications, the dry-mate connector series is built for optimal durability and reliability. Tested to 15,000 PSI (open face and mated), and equipped with integrated dual O-ring seals, marine bronze coupling nuts, corrosion-resistant stainless steel shells and high-pressure contact inserts with gold-plated signal contacts, special RF and fiber optic solutions, the Series 70 SeaKing is today’s most advanced high-density signal and standard-density power subsea connector available.

  • SeaKing Fiber
    SeaKing Fiber Connectors Addressing Severe Enviroments...

  • Data-intensive applications such as towed array sonar systems, well logging and monitoring equipment, digital seismic streamers, and magnetic flux leakage and ultrasonic inspection sensors used in intelligent pipeline inspection are ideally suited for ruggedized high-pressure fiber optics. Fiber optic interconnect systems deliver ultra high data bandwidth, immunity from RFI and other forms of electromagnetic interference, as well as reduced size and weight compared to high-speed copper.  Glenair SeaKing™ Fiber solutions include harsh-environment overmolded cable assemblies, multibranch inside-the-box jumpers, as well as Glenair signature hightemp, high-vibration transceivers and optical-to-electrical media converters. Pressure balanced oil-filled (PBOF) cable assemblies are also available for deep subsea applications.

  • SuperG55
    The SuperG55 Family of Dry-mate Deep-Sea, High Pressure Connectors...

  • The SuperG55™ family of dry-mate deep-sea–high pressure connectors are a revolutionary new design of the popular industry-standard used in countless ROV, underwater camera, diver communications, lights, pan and tilts, and other subsea applications. Available in multiple shell sizes , the SuperG55™ is manufactured from 316L Stainless Steel with insert molded contact assemblies designed for pressure-sealed applications up to 10K psi mated and unmated. Intermateable and intermountable with other “55” series connectors, the Glenair solution introduces a long list of product innovations designed to improve performance and durability. Our PBOF versions, for example, utilize easy-to-assemble threaded fittings which deliver both superior sealing performance while reducing installation time. Other innovations include full-mate inspection ports, improved solder cup contact design and more. Cable plugs and receptacles available in attachable (user terminatable) versions as well as factory overmolded single ended whips.