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SENSY LOAD CELLS manufactures load pins, load shackles, hook load sensors, pancake load cells and running line tensiometers. Subsea , ATEX certified Ex ia and Ex d;CSA US, CSA CA and IECEX version. Capacities till 3000t (6,600,000lbs). Torque Tension Sub wireless Ex d certified for weight on bit and torque between top drive and drill pipes. Related instrumentation.


  • Top Drive Sub
    Torque/tension sub for in-line weight on bit and torque measurement....

  • Mounted on the drill string between top drive and saver sub and/or other subs, Top Drive Subs measures actual weight on bit and torque with more accuracy than any other type of sensor. Wireless transmission combined with Ex d (explosion-proof) for use in zone 1. Available in following threads: 4 ½, 5 ½, 6 5/8 and 7 5/8 REG. Capacities: 4 ½ - 33,000ft-lb/505,000lbf; 5 ½ - 51,000ft-lb/505,000lbf; 6 5/8 – 59,000ft-lb/1,100,000lbf; 7 5/8 – 92,000ft-lb/1,100,000lbf.