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Solexy specialize in components and solutions for data transmission in hazardous locations (Atex, IECex, UL, CSA; gas & dust) including: -explosion proof and intrinsically safe RF antenna couplers -explosion proof and intrinsically safe Ethernet couplers -heavy duty antennas (J-Pole and DiPole) -Explosion proof WiFi & Cellular wireless solutions

 Press Releases

  • Solexy eliminates the prohibitive costs associated with components, labor and time delays when deploying RF/Cellular/WiFi and wired Ethernet communications in HazLoc's.

    The Solexy Ethernet and RF devices are designed to be installed as a 3/4” NPT/M25 fitting with any UL, CSA, MSHA, ATEX,  IECEx or cQPSus listed explosion proof housing without the need of a seal fitting, taking up no precious internal space in your Killark, Adalet, Apppleton or CrouseHinds enclosure.

    With the Solexy Ethernet Coupler/IS Barrier Fitting it’s now possible to connect any standard Ethernet devices located in a CID1/Zone1 classified, or safe, area without disconnecting power.  COmmercially available Industrial CAT5/6 cable is all that's required for connectivity, no conduit or seals.

    With the Solexy RF Coupler/IS barrier fitting, co-locating non-listed antenna's using simple low-cost industrial coax (ratings not required) has never been easier.  This allows ideal antenna placement in your expanding radio network.

    Solexy also manufacturers 868MHz, 900Mhz, 2.4GHz and multiband cellular/GPS industrial antennas available both heavy duty rigid and also heavy duty yet highly flexible configurations.  The rigid unit is available in both DiPole and J-Pole configurations and with straight or 90 deg elbow connectors.


  • ExProof & I.S. Coaxial Barrier Fitting
    The RX barrier fitting is installed as a 3/4" NPT or M25 fitting with any UL, CSA, MSHA, ATEX, IECEx or cQPSus listed ex-proof housing without the need of a seal fitting, and taking up no internal enclosure space and without the hardware and labor cost....

  • Solexy’s patented (7,057,577) Explosion-Proof Antenna coupler and RF intrinsically safe barrier permits the installation of a passive antenna in hazardous areas.
    This coupler is designed to be used directly with listed explosion proof housings or conduit fittings.
    An integrated blocking circuit prevents potentially hazardous energy from reaching the antenna in case of radio, modem, or access point failure. It also allows for antenna removal in hazardous areas.

    The coupler’s robust design allows for connection to practically any radio and antenna. It is a highly flexible and cost effective solution to hazardous area radio system deployment.

    The coupler can also be used as a cable bulkhead allowing the antenna to be direct mount or remote mount for the ideal RF topology.


    Short Circuit Protection : Includes integrated blocking circuitry.
    No Sealing Fitting Required : Fitting is approved for hazardous locations and can be installed with a simple wrench.
    Environmental Protection : 300 series stainless steel construction and integral potting protects electronics from the environments.
    Flexibility :  Permits a wide variety of passive antennas to be installed in hazardous areas. Antennas may be removed and/or installed with power on. Perfect for a cable bulkhead connection.

    Approvals : Atex, IECex, UL, cULus , MSHA, cQPSus

  • ExProof & I.S. Ethernet Barrier Fitting
    The BXF/BAF Ethernet is installed as a 3/4" NPT fitting with any UL, CSA, ATEX, IECEx or cQPSus listed explosion proof housing without the need of a seal fitting, consuming no space in your HazLoc enclosure, and without the additional hardware and labor...

  • Solexy’s patented (7,057,105) Explosion-Proof / Intrinsically Safe Ethernet Couplerallows for transmissions of Ethernet into hazardous areas with a standard RJ45 connector.

    With the Solexy Ethernet coupler it’s possible to connect any standard ethernet devices located in a classified or safe area.

    The BXF explosion proof and intrinsically safe barrier is certified for installation in classified areas and BAF intrinsically safe barrier is suitable for installation in safe areas and purged systems.

    The BXF is designed to be used with any UL, CSA, MSHA, ATEX, IECEx or cQPSus listed explosion proof housing without the need of a seal fitting, taking up no internal space.

    The BAF is designed to be used in safe area directly with any CAT5 or CAT5e cable system. The BAF can also be remote mounted up to 70 meters away with minimal loss of signal. The BAF is also designed to be used with air purge panel systems.

    A BXF and/or BAF coupler is required on each end of a cable installation for full protection of both the RX and TX lines.

  • Heavy Duty Antennas
    Solexy's ANH and ANF are hand built antennas, tuned for the best performance in 868 MHz , 915 MHz, 2.4 GHz, multi-band Cellular or GPS applications....

  • Solexy's ANH and ANF series antennas are hand built and tuned for the best performance.

    The rugged construction of the ANH will stand up to high levels of abuse and the flexible design of the ANF  “gives” to direct impacts to prevent damage and misalignment of the antenna. 

    All Solexy's antennas are available for 868 MHz , 915 MHz and 2.4 GHz as well as multi-band Cellular or GPS

    Their sealed UV and corrosion resistant housings and nickel plated fittings with gold contacts provide a reliable RF connection in hostile environments.