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Klifting as Manufacturer of Mechanical Splicing System for Wire Rope Supply Swaging machine,Test bed,Aluminum ferrule,Steel sleeves.

 Press Releases

  • Baoding Zhongze I/E Co.,Ltd.(Klifting) is specialized in research, development, production and sales of special aluminum profiles (seamless ferrule), precision molds (aluminum alloy extrusion dies and wire rope swage dies), wire rope swaging machine, splicing machine, and tension testing bed, as well as related rigging products. After years of development, we established a good  partnership with respectable and professional manufacturers .

    We developed seamless ferrules for the solution of wire rope connection successfully with brand “Klifting带商标注册R”. After many technically researches conducted by our professional engineers, the seamless ferrules are processed by special techniques in special profile factory, two series are available, German standard and national standard. Our seamless ferrules’ material(5051A), size and processing technology totally meet the requirement of EN 13411-3 standard and GB/T6846-2008 standard.

    Our company has been engaged in extrusion die industry for nearly 20 years, providing professional aluminum extrusion die and technical support for many profile factories in China. The aluminum alloy extrusion dies and wire rope swaging dies can be customized according to the specific requirements of customers.

    Based on great machining capability, we are the OEM supplier of Caterpillar. Meanwhile we produce wire rope swaging machine, splicing machine, tension testing bed, and other rigging equipment for wire rope press service.

    We also supply ordinary aluminum ferrules (6063A, 3A21) for non-lifting field, such as fishing net and wire rope fence, etc. The raw material is the national standard aluminum bar and the extrusion die is supplied by a domestic top-ranking mold factory. The aluminum rod went through a special microwave heating treatment and extruded by professional Germany machine , which ensures the precision and function of the product meet the requirements .

     There are copper and stainless steel ferrules for wire rope sling used for acid-base environment. The carbon steel sleeve series produced by our company mainly serves the solution of wire rope insertion and reinforcement, The wire rope swaging machine die produced by our company can be customized according to the specific needs of the customers to make sure all of our customers could be satisfied by our product and service.

    Aluminum profiles in 1 to 7 series are available . Welcome to visit our factory and set up long-term business relationship with us!


  • Wire Rope Swaging Machine
    EN13411-3 Aluminum Ferrule;Steel Sleeve;Swaging Machine;Test Bed;Hourglass Aluminum Ferrule;Copper Sleeve;
    G-450 Wire Rope Clip; G-411&G-414 Wire Rope Thimble

  • Steel Sleeve :1/4inch to 6inch

    EN13411-3 Aluminum Ferrule:1mm to 102mm

    Swaging Machine:150T,350T,600T,1500T,3000T

    Test Bed:150T,300T,500T,1000T

    Hourglass Aluminum Ferrule:3/64inch to 5/8inch

    Copper Sleeve:3/64inch to 5/8inch

    G-450 Wire Rope Clip:1/8inch to 3-1/2inch

    G-411&G-414 Wire Rope Thimble:1/8inch to 2-1/2inch