Rubberatkins Ltd.

Claymore Ave. Aberdeen Science
Energy Park, Bridge of Don
Aberdeen Scotland,  AB23 BGW

United Kingdom
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Experience elastomer excellence.

Rubberatkins’ mission is to ensure and improve reliability of polymer solutions through application of advanced elastomer technology and experience. With headquarters in Aberdeen and sales offices in Houston, Calgary, Abu Dhabi and Beijing, Rubberatkins is a world class company providing Innovative technical, design and manufacturing services.


  • High Pressure Cup
    Rubberatkins’ range of High Pressure (HP) cups engineered for unrivalled performance in a wide variety of oilfield applications. Patented backup systems and materials formulated for sealing in demanding environments....

  • Features:

    One-piece design including built-in mechanical backup system and fully bonded base metal

    Materials engineered for operational environment

    Tested and qualified at temperature

    Proven field history

    Single cup for multiple casing weight

    10ksi, 300°F standard offering

    18ksi or 450°F custom offering


    Improved sealing integrity in HP applications

    Improved stab-in properties through part design and material properties

    Increased service life

    Increased abrasion resistance

    Reduced inventory

    Designed around common mandrels

  • Thermanite®Steam Resistant Line of Elastomers
    The THERMANITE® brand of elastomers was developed by Rubberatkins to provide ‘prolonged’ resistance to steam and hydrocarbons for enhanced heavy oil recovery applications with steam flooding and steam injection at temperatures up to 600°F....


    • Increased Downhole Life Expectancy

    • Exceptional Physical Property Retention at Extreme Temperatures

    • Proven Field History

    • Fully Compatible in Steam and most Hydrocarbon Environments

    • Excellent Abrasion Resistance


    • Outstanding Steam Resistance to Steam and Extreme Temperatures

    • Increased Life Expectancy Minimising Installation & Intervention Costs                                                                              

       and Reduces NPT

    • Assured Sealing Integrity

    • Cost-effective Solution

    • Excellent Chemical Resistance for Sour Service Conditions


    • Steam Injection & Stimulation Applications

    • Geothermal Applications

    • Enhanced Oil Recovery – Steam Flood, Cyclic Steam Stimulation 

         & SAGD Applications

    • Packer / Bridge Plug Elements

    • O-rings Gland Seals & Seal Stacks for Steam Injectors and Associated 

       Downhole Tools 

    • BOP & Wellhead Seals

    • Surface Pressure Control Equipment Seals

    • Reciprocating Piston Cup Seals