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BestoLife Corporation

2777 N. Stemmons Frwy.
Ste. 1800
Dallas,  TX  75207

United States
  • Booth: 4109

For nearly a century, Bestolife Corporation has been the leader in developing and selling thread compounds for the oil industry.


  • 2000®
    BESTOLIFE 2000® is a lead-free, zinc-free thread compound for casing, tubing, and line pipe....


    BESTOLIFE 2000® is a lead-free, zinc-free thread compound for casing, tubing, and line pipe. It is stable in high-pressure and high-temperature conditions. As a running compound, it also provides superior protection for long-term storage.


    Premium lead-free API alternative for casing, tubing, and line pipe; contains no lead or zinc. Formulated for use in high temp steam injection service.


    BESTOLIFE 2000® will meet or exceed the listed performance objectives in API RP 5A3/ ISO 13678. The major solid components are a proprietary blend of nonmetallic materials that are inert to chemical attack, such as occurs in sour gas environments and with CO2 injection. BESTOLIFE 2000® also addresses one of the major concerns in pipe yards and threading operations today: rejects due to pitting and corrosion. In a salt fog spray test, 2000® demonstrated corrosion protection that exceeds the performance of the leading storage compound in the industry. BESTOLIFE 2000® conforms to API RP 5A3 evaporation, gas evolution, oil separation, water leaching, copper corrosion and cold application at 19.4°F (-7°C) requirements.

  • 4010® NM
    BESTOLIFE 4010® NM is the fourth generation of the BESTOLIFE family of non-metallic thread compounds for rotary-shouldered and premium connections....


    BESTOLIFE 4010® NM is the fourth generation of the BESTOLIFE family of non-metallic thread compounds for rotary-shouldered and premium connections, designed and developed to address environmental concerns in ecologically sensitive areas of the world. BESTOLIFE 4010® NM is biodegradable, non-bioaccumulative and non-toxic. 


    Non-metallic compound for rotary connections and proprietary premium self-sealing casing/tubing connections. Effective for use on slides, jacking systems, cantilever type rigs and assemblies. Salt Spray Corrosion Protection for up to 1500 hours.


    BESTOLIFE 4010® NM is the fourth generation of the highly successful BESTOLIFE family of compounds designed with biodegradable greases and synthetic lubricating fluids, developed to address the environmental concerns related to the use of thread compounds for rotary-shouldered and premium connections, in ecologically sensitive areas of the world such as the North Sea, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, the South Atlantic, Alaska, and Sakhalin Island. BESTOLIFE 4010® NM combines the excellent low temperature application properties of BESTOLIFE 3010® Ultra with superior downhole galling resistance and enhanced eco-toxicological properties to provide the ideal drill string solution for all rotary shouldered (drill pipe/tool joints/drill collars) and many proprietary premium self-sealing casing/tubing connection applications, irrespective of offshore drilling location.

  • 3010® Ultra
    BESTOLIFE 3010® Ultra is a non-metallic thread compound for rotary-shouldered connections and is effective for jack up systems....


    BESTOLIFE 3010® Ultra is a non-metallic thread compound for rotary-shouldered connections and is effective for jack up systems. Heavy metal free for environmental concerns, the compound excels in low temperature and high  temperature environments. 3010® Ultra prevents galling and seizing on even, non-magnetic surfaces, forming a gasket-like seal in a rotary connection for maximum protection in rough conditions.


    Non-metallic compound for rotary-shouldered connections in cold, wet conditions. Recommended for all drilling  applications including high temperature environments.


    Like compounds that contain lead, zinc, and copper, 3010® Ultra has the ability to prevent galling of contact surfaces (including non-magnetic materials) under high bearing loads and to form a continuous gasket between the shoulders of a rotary connection during make-up.

    This is achieved through the innovative combination of a variety of amorphous and synthetic graphite based materials, as first used in 3000®, interacting to form a seal when compressed between the shoulders during makeup to provide performance properties equal to the very best heavy metal compounds.

    •  Meets the current OSPAR Commission Harmonised Mandatory Control Scheme (HOCNF) regulations for the  protection of the marine environment of the North-East Altantic/North Sea.
    • Registered in the UK/Netherlands as an OCNS Group E Chemical and in Norway as a Colour Category Yellow Pipe Dope.
    • Registered in the Danish Produktregistret with PRNo. (Product Registration Number) 1367040.
    • Contains biodegradable greases and synthetic lubricating fluids

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