Metec Group

1, Adeyemi Bero Crescent, Ilupeju Industrial Estate, Off Anthony- Oshodi
Ilupeju,  Lagos  100252

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Our foundries produce a broad range of castings from sacrificial anodes to pump impellers, pump housing etc. We produce ferrous castings from 0.5kg upto 10tons per single piece. All engineered patterns are made using additive manufacturing technology. Our non ferrous foundries uses state-of-the-art abb electromagnetic stirrer.


  • Sacrificial Anodes
    Sacrificial Anodes for Cathodic Protection...

  • Metec West Africa Ltd produces Sacrificial Anodes that meet the highest quality standards.
    We also carry-out the following:
    Spectrometer Analysis
     Destructive testing
     Casting labeling electronic engraving
     Electrochemical Testing
     Measurement of coating thickness.

    Product Types

    • Bracelet Anodes
    • Standoff Anodes
    • Flush Mounted Anodes

    Our sacrificial anodes generally come in three metals: magnesium, aluminum, and zinc.

    Metec West Africa Ltd, purchased and installed a state of the art electromagnetic stirrer from ABB Sweden which can guarantee 100% the homogenisation of the aluminium alloys for the production of sacrificial anodes. This equipment is used by foundries making aerospace parts.

  • Impressed Current Cathodic Protection (ICCP)
    Metec West Africa Limited provides Impressed Current Cathodic Protection (ICCP) systems services....

  • Metec West Africa Limited provides Impressed Current Cathodic Protection (ICCP) systems services.

    We offer design, manufacturing, consultancy services and provision of permanent Cathodic Protection Solution for the sectors below:

    Oil & Gas Processing/Production

    •Flow lines
    •Bulk Holding Plant
    •Well Casings
    •Offshore Platforms


    •Transmission Pipelines
    •Distribution and Gathering networks
    •Water pipelines

    Power Plant

    •Screens and Intake Pumps
    •Storage Tanks
    •Cooling Water & Internal pipelines
    •Underground Piping Network

    Industrial Complexes

    •Storage Tanks & Vessels
    •Water Screening Equipment
    •Underground Piping

    We have supplied impressed current cathodic protection materials to various upstream and downstream clients in the Oil & Gas industry in Nigeria.

    All our projects are custom designed to meet our client’s particular standards & requirements.