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F.lli Righini is leading in the offshore industry for a wide range of products and solutions such as: pipe laying and handling systems, friction clamps up to 2000 mT, laying systems for umbilicals and flexibles, mooring tensioning systems and riser pull in systems for FPSOs, linear winches, davit cranes for tie-in, bear cages and pile lifting tools (ILTs and ELTs), hydraulic power systems and control systems.

 Press Releases

  • The good coopertaion started in 2017 between Heerema Marine Contractors (HMC) and F.lli Righini Srl, witn the supply of  No. 4 External Lifting Tools, having capacity 2.000 mT each, for the succesful removal of Murchison Platform (CNR International) in the North Sea and now assets of HMC, is continuing with a new contract for the design and manufacture of  No.4 Internal Lifting Tools, capacity 3.800 mT each, that will also become assets of HMC and will be used for the removal of some platforms on the Sable Field (SOEP) in Nova Scotia.

    The 4 ILTs in subject will be the most performing tools available on the market.

    F.lli Righini would like to take the opportunity to thank HMC for the confidence and looks forward to the good continuation of a positive business relationship.

  • F.lli Righini Srl would like to thank TechnipFMC for awarding them three contracts for work on their Deep Blue vessel.

    Beside that one more special thank goes again to TechnipFMC for having awarded to F.lli Righini the Riser Pull-in System (SCR) 550 mT capacity for the Karish & Tanin FPSO in Israel (Energean).

    F.lli Righini Srl hopes that the relationship, started with TechnipFMC in 2014 for the supply of the Moho Nord FPU Riser Pull-in System, will strengthen and continue in the coming years.

  • The cooperation started between Royal IHC and F.lli Righini Srl in 2014 for the supply of a full set of Hydraulic Friction Clamps (TRAC, HOC, HOT plus Safety Clamp and all ancillary equipment) to be integrate into the J-Lay Tower designed and manufactured by Royal IHC for the Petrofac JSD6000 vessel, is now continuing on the two following project:

    - F.lli Righini Srl in the frame of the Royal IHC-McDermott contract to upgrade the Amazon Vessel, will supply Royal IHC with the full set of Hydraulic Friction Clamps 1.500 mT capacity (HOC, TRAC, HPU, mechanical linkages and structures) to interface the J-Lay tower;

    F.lli Righini Srl would like to take the opportunity to thank Royal IHC for the confidence and the given opportunities along the past years and looks forward to a positive continuation of this great business relationship in the future.


  • Hydraulic Friction Clamps
    F.lli Righini has the capability to design and manufacture a wide range of Hydraulic Friction Clamps (TRAC, HOC and Safety Clamps) up to 2000 mT capacity, complete with HPU and control system....

  • The hydraulic friction clamps normally used for pipes in J-lay configuration, can be designed with or without the related stingers, and hang off modules/tables. Usually the calmps can handle a wide range of pipe diameters and  F.lli Righini Srl have so far supplied all the main pipe lay contractors. The clamps are normally equipped with HPU and control system and the design is optimized according to the client requirements and the ship configuration where the same have to be installed in order to achieve the best performance. 
  • Riser Pull-in Systems for FPSO
    Riser Pull-in Systems can be designd and manufactured in different configurations according to the load and typology of risers to be installed....

  • Riser Pull-in Systems (RPS) are usually installed on a balcony located on the side shell of the spread moored FPSO and are mainly composed of a main winch (linear or drum type), two auxiliray winches (linear or drum type), diverting sheaves, crane to assist operations and maintenance, as well as all the needed ancillaries to perform the operations. The RPS can be wire rope type or chain type (in this case the main winch is  chain jack type) according to the typology of riser to be pulled (flexible of  rigid). All the RPS are supplied on turn key basis and are equipped with hydraulic power unit (electrically supplied or with diesel moto-generator) and control system.
  • Umbilicals and Flexibles Laying Systems
    Complete packages for Umbilicals and Flexibles Laying and Transpooling Systems can be designed and manufactured according to client and products specifications as well as sea state conditions....

  • The Handling and Laying packages are usually composed of carousels (sprocket or basket type) with related spooling towers and tensioners, laying towers (horizontal or vertical) with related tensioners, safety clamps, hydraulic power units, control system and all accessories for the transpooling and laying of the products. Along the years many packages, with tailored design according to products, environmental and project specifications, for onshore and offshore application have been suppied to the main international contractors and operators.