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KeyDrill offers the most innovative line of EM and Mud Pulse Tools.  From second to none Decoding, to the most complete Directional Modules, KeyDrill continues to lead the industry.  Our Pressure While Drilling Systems and Azimuthal Gamma Modules will allow your fleet to satisfy even the most critical Drilling Engineers and Operators. Visit booth 5231 to learn more!


  • KDU-Mini
    The 12” KeyDrill Mud Pulse Decoding Unit (KDU-Mini) combines the functionality of a Laptop, Rig Floor Display and Wireless Transceiver Set into one system....

  • KeyDrill's Decoding System does not require operator input, it automatically makes adjustments to optimize decoding and can decode as low as 1 PSI pulses. Most of the competition’s receivers cannot detect pulses less than 3 PSI. This is a complete surface system that is compatible with most popular Q-Bus and CAN-Bus Mud Pulse MWD tools.
  • KeyDrill Rotational (Azimuthal) Gamma Module (KRG)
    KeyDrill’s Rotational / Azimuthal Gamma Module (KRG) is a fully retrievable tool that provides realtime borehole images to facilitate geosteering and structural information of the formation....

  • KeyDrill’s Rotational / Azimuthal Gamma Module (KRG) can detect and save to memory sixteen (16) sections of gamma borehole images. These images can be combined into as many as eight configurable sections (8) and transmitted while drilling. It also provides precise total gamma ray and nearbit inclination information while drilling. With this tool the operator can identify lithology, gather qualitative evaluation of shaliness and radioactive mineral deposits.determine. It provides dynamic rotary geosteering while drilling and correlation of real-time data with offset logs to determine geologic location.
  • MPU, SPU & KSDM with Rotational Azimuth
    KeyDrill’s Processor Units (MPU, SPU & KSDM) are drop-in replacement for the current downhole computers on the market. They provide all the traditional functions, but add features such as shock/vib, RPM data, as well as Rotational Inclination and Azimuth....

  • KeyDrill’s Processor modules hav a rotation flag and configurable rotation sequences. This allows the transfer of different data
    sequences in slide mode and in rotation mode. RInc provides real-time continuous inclination of the MWD tool while drilling. Pur Processor Modules support faster raw data and resistivity data encoding formats, in addition to the float point format, and logarithm format. This process can save as much as 25% of data transfer time while maintaining the same data accuracy. The Rotational Azimuth feature provides real-time continuous Azimuth of the MWD tool while drilling.