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Capelle aan den IJssel,  2901AV

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Rolloos' goal is to increase safety and efficiency of offshore operations by centralizing knowledge & experience. For over 50 years Rolloos has provided dedicated solutions in CCTV, Data Analytics and Communication. Our CCTV solutions bring smart vision to your offshore operation. Our analytics are your automated brains. Our Private LTE solutions enable wireless communication throughout your fleet.


  • Red Zone Monitoring
    Rolloos Red Zone Monitoring maximizes safety on your drill floor by increasing the situational awareness of the drill crew. Conditional red zones enable clear and monitorable drilling procedures....

  • Red Zone Monitoring

    Rolloos Red Zone Monitoring solves an industry-wide challenge. Current red zones are static and always active. However, operations still force drill crews to enter these static zones, e.g. to place manual slips. Stop this contradiction, by introducing our conditional red zones based on machine position.

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    • Improved safety on drill floor
      Optimizing operations, while keeping the driller and his crew in the loop.
    • Reduced downtime and number of incidents
      Through lowering the number of incidents on the drill floor Rolloos
      Red Zone Monitoring reduces the downtime of your rig.
    • Easy to implement
      Our solution is a stand-alone system. It offers a high level of design
      flexibility for an optimal fit into your operation.
    • Enhanced operational drilling procedures
      Generates statistics on the interaction between your drill crew and drilling equipment
    • Cost-effective solution
      The use of off-the-shelf equipment and intelligent design creates a cost effective solution