RE.MAC.UT. S.r.l.

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Rivoli,  Torino  10090

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Remacut is a part of the NOV family.

Remacut is a leading supplier of Lay Equipment, specialized in design, manufacturing and delivery of be spoken systems to suit Client requirements.
As part of NOV, Remacut can provide a full suite of Pipe Lay and Flex Lay systems.
Remacut delivered more than 160 Lay Systems worldwide.
Tensioners, Traction and Storage Winches, Pipe handling,  stinger rollers, ILUC, Subsea tools.


  • Tensioners for Lay systems
    Tensioners are installed on board of lay vessels and are used to clamp/hold the product during the welding and then to release it during the lay in a controlled mode...

  • With more than 110 systems supplied, Remacut's experience and our reliabile Tensioning systems are recognized worldwide.
    Main features of the Remacut tensioners are:
    • Fit for purpose and tailored to customer need
    • Robust design allows to withstand tension peaks above nominal tension
    • Tracks adjustment is fail to safe in case of black out and does not require oil pressure to keep pipe clamped
    • Elastic suspensions allow large OD passage without losing or damaging the product
    • In case product diameters vary along the line, no transition pieces are required up to 200 mm OD
    • Oscillating saddles allow self-adjustment to the product OD and quick replacement of the pads
    • High squeezing loads are distributed over the product surface without stress and surface damages for deep lay S-lay process

    Remacut provides Tensioners with 2, 3 or 4 tracks that can be used for laying rigid pipes, reeled pipes, composite products, umbilicals and cables with a suitable J-lay tower or vertical lay tower/ramp.
    As part of our expertise, the design includes interface and integration with Winch systems and the vessel position system.

  • A&R Winch system
    Primary function of A&R winches is to abandonment and recovery of pipelines, flowlines and umbilicals...

  • With over than 95 systems supplied, Remacut's experience and our reliable Winch systems are recognized worldwide.

    Our dedicated in-house design and engineering capabilities allows us to supply tailored winch solutions for A&R and deep lowering applications.

    Winch control systems can be supplied as stand-alone or integrated with the pipe tensioners system and active heave compensation (AHC) equipment.

    The winches can be equipped with load measurement, length measurement, and slack rope protection.

    Our portfolio includes:

    • Traction Winches

    • Storage Winches

    • A&R Winches (single or double drum)

    • Umbilical Reels

    • Air Umbilical Winches

    • Well Intervention Systems

    • Deep lowering Systems

    • Sheaves (instrumented, movable, deflector, overboarding)

    • Fairleads for rope

    • Fully automated tension transfer with Tensioners

  • Internal line Up Clamps (ILUC)
    Remacut's Internal line Up Clamps (ILUC) range covers from 5" to 70" pipe internal diameter. ILUCs are used to help the alignment before and during welding.......

  • With over than 200 equipment supplied all around the worlds, Remacut's experience and our reliable Internal line Up Clamp (ILUC) systems are recognized worldwideILUCs are used to help the alignment before and during welding.

    During the years we have delivered ILUC for pipe range from 5" to 70" product ID.

    We have recently re-engineered our ILUCs to provide a lighter and shorter design.

    A new gas purging system has been also re-engineered, providing ILUCs with an accurate control of the pressure and oxygen concentration. Our Gas Purging system is now a fully-automated process.

    ILUCs can be supplied with the following options:

    • Hi-force expanders (to recover out of roundness without damaging pipe)
    • Umbilical winch systems
    • Internal video camera inspection
    • Hi-low laser scan systems
    • Spooling winch with load cell for Buckle detector
    • Wireless Remote Control
    • Parking brake module
    • Emergency brake (J-lay)
    • Stainless steel kit for Corrosion resistive alloy (CRA) pipes

    The HI-FORCE function is necessary to recover the pipe roundness up to 15 mm in the OD.