Dongying Wanbang Petroleum Technology Co., Ltd.

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Company mainly engage in bulk handling system, certificated pressure vessels,including engineering, fabrication, installation and commissioning etc. Company has set up management system and been issued certification, such as ISO, API Q1, LR , ASME ,ABS, DNV, BV,CCS .

 Press Releases

  • On March 7, 2018, Wan Bang company completed the packing of customized dust tank(purchased by one Large petroleum service company), it will be sent to the destination -Netherlands. This is a wonderful experience of our multinational business.


  • dust tank
    It has the advantages of swirling centrifugation, pulse cleaning, bag dust removal, negative pressure suction, etc.. The dust removal efficiency is good. Dust and waste materials can be closed recycled. It's environmentally friendly....

  • The working principle of the integrated device for environmental protection dust removal and recovery is divided into three processes: dust removal, dust cleaning and dust recovery. After the dust-containing gas enters the dust 

    collector through the intake pipe of the cone part of the dust removal device, it first passes through the cyclone centrifugation, collision, and then passes through the filter of the isolation cloth bag. Under the action of gravity and centrifugal force, the big particles in the dust fall along the cylinder wall and disperse between the filter bags, and are blocked by the filter bag; the clean air passes through the filter bag and is sucked out by the induced draft fan, and then is filtered by the upper part. The outlet is discharged into the atmosphere.

    With the continuous process of dust removal, the dust on the outside surface of the filter bag increases continuously, and the resistance of the system increases synchronously. It is the key to ensure the normal operation of the dust collector to remove the dust thoroughly and promptly. The low-pressure pulse compressed air is used to clean the dust. The compressed air is converted into pulsed gas through the pulse valve and control device, and enters the nozzle through the blower tube. At the same time, the surrounding air is induced to become instantaneous expansion explosion. The dust on the surface of the filter bag is removed by gas generation and the whole process is automated.

    When the dust deposited in the gasifier of the dust chamber reaches the level alarm sensor, the alarm alarms. The dust deposited in the dust chamber is inflated through the bottom wind of the vertebral body into the interface, and the dust is fluidized. Then the dust is recovered through the discharge pipe county. Of course, dust recovery operation can also be carried out without alarm time.