18 Rue Marie Curie
Romans-sur-Isère,  F-26100

  • Booth: 2015

With 55 year’s experience in polymer engineering COURBIS provides global services from concept, design to manufacturing and testing.

We have a worldwide presence.

We produce high efficiency ancillaries to ensure the functional integrity of SURF equipment.

Examples of our product range: Thermal insulation system, bend stiffener, clamps system, shrouds, installation aids solutions.


  • Field Joint Repair System
    It is a solution applied on a field joint cold spots by ROV, when insultad coating has been damaged....

  • Placed around the area damaged, it provides the required protection performance for the duration of the specified design life (25 years)

    In yellow: Lifting and handling points in steel

    In white: Silicone part

    In Black: Polyurethane part

    Qualified for 100°C internal temperature.

    Patented model.

  • Stand by clamp
    Stand by clamp solution is a non-metallic clamp using to connect the flexible jumpers to the riser (SHR) before connection to the FPSO....

  • Made in Courbhane, a high performance Polyurethane.

    Its principal characteristics are:

    - Weight in air = 300 kg   / Weight in water = 60 kg

    - Resistance to load 2 TE in all directions

    - Adaptable in lenght and diameter

    Designed to be operable by ROV, it has been qualified and used for Kizomba Satellite project.

    Groupe Courbis develop also a stand by clamp XXL for Egina Project. (Lenght = 7 meters / Weight in air = 1.2 TE)

  • Courbhastrap ©
    It's a flexible strap....

  •  We developed a flexible strap, able to :

    - Automatically compensate the loss in diameter (due to high pressure in ultra deep water)

    - Keep the strap in tension

    - Go through the installation rollers

    It can also compensate increase of diameter.