Barge Master B.V.

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Rotterdam,  3029 AK

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Barge Master is a leading company in motion compensation systems for the offshore industry. Its systems increase the safety and workability of offshore operations by eliminating vessel motions. Barge Master develops, supplies and operates motion compensated cranes, platforms and gangways, which are deployed worldwide in all offshore fields.


  • Barge Master T700
    The Barge Master T700 can be installed on any vessel to serve as a motion compensated working base. Equipment can be placed on the platform to eliminate the effect of vessel motions, making it possible to operate with the same precision as onshore....

  • The Barge Master T700

    The BM-T700 is a modular platform with a payload capacity of 700 mT, or it can accommodate for a crane with an average capacity of 160 mT at 12 meters radius. The BM-T700 platform compensates waves up to significant wave height of 2.5 meters. The BM-T700 platform and foundations consist of containerized units, which can be assembled within 10 working days.

    The Barge Master T700 can be applied to perform several offshore operations, such as:

    ·Well intervention & workover

    ·Service and maintenance of oil and gas platforms

    ·Construction and maintenance of offshore wind parks

    ·Platform supply operations

    ·Installation of small modules and connection/piping bridges

    ·Supply of WTG components for the installation of an offshore wind farm

    ·Crane operations; for example, the recovery of cargo in a salvage operation

    ·Drilling; for example, the drilling of a mooring foundation for a FPSO

    ·Piling; for example, the foundation piles for an LNG jetty

    ·Floating subsea excavation and survey

  • Barge Master Gangway
    Barge Master’s fully motion compensated Next Generation Gangway provides continuous access to any offshore structure. This motion compensated gangway ensures safe and efficient transfer of crew irrespective of weather conditions....

  • Highest reliability standard in the industry

    The Next Generation Gangway contains several unique features to ensure it is always in perfect working order. For example, the gangway is equipped with technology that eliminates slip risk of the gangway tip. All our products are designed with triple redundancy of the critical components, such as motion reference units and controls. These features safeguard the workability of the gangway to the highest degree, a single failure will never lead to any loss in compensation.

    Active Motion Compensation

    The high performance Gangway uses active motion compensation to land on any kind of offshore facility, without the need for a modified landing area. It compensates vessel motions up to a significant wave height (Hs) of 3.5 meter. This allows the gangway to be placed at any deck location and height. The gangway is operated by a single operator.  

    Fit for purpose - modular design

    The gangway can be fitted on a height adjustable pedestal with integrated elevator, making it possible to land on any height and maintain a continuous workflow. This gangway plus pedestal configuration provides perfect horizontal access, also suited for (remote controlled) cargo trolleys up to 800 kg.

  • Barge Master Motion compensated crane
    The Barge Master Motion Compensated Crane enables controlled lifting operations with a high crane capacity, making it possible to work at sea almost year-round. It has proven to increase workability in the North Sea from 180 to 330 days....

  • BM-T40

    The Barge Master Crane is designed for maintenance support vessels and platform supply vessels. It ensures safe lifting operations for all headings in higher sea states. The motion is compensated at the basis of the crane, ensuring a steady operator cabin as well as a steady load.


    The Barge Master T40 motion compensation system is built in a pedestal type configuration. The motion compensation system consists of three vertically mounted hydraulic cylinders which compensate the heave, roll and pitch motions of the vessel. The constraining system consists of a linear guide mechanism and a mechanical joint between the base and the pedestal.

    The crane features a small footprint and is able to lift 32 metres above sea level at a reach of up to 20 metres or 15 tonnes at a reach of 10 metres. In addition to its lifting capacity, the crane is also manriding certified for safe personnel transfer.

    Typical loads include hoses, tools, spare parts, maintenance equipment, replacement parts of small wind turbines and solar panels weighing 1.5mT to 5mT. The Barge Master Crane is also perfectly suited for grouting operations.