MFP Seals (A Division of Martin Fluid Power)

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Madison Heights,  MI  48071

United States
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MFP is a worldwide supplier of seals, packings, and gaskets. In business since 1977, MFP now operates from 8 stocking locations globally and three manufacturing plants in the US. A combined 100,000 square feet of storage and manufacturing houses over $4,000,000 of seals, packings, and gaskets.


  • MFP Seals' X-PAC® Family
    MFP Seals X-PAC® U-Cups have an N6014 X-Ring Expander & Knife Trimmed Sealing Lip. Molded urethane styles include XP Std & B-Lip; XPR, Twin-Lip; XPAR Anti-Ext Ring; XPRA, Twin-Lip w/Anti-Ext. Ring; & XPYS a Y-Ring U-Cup & Secondary Lip Base....

  • X-PAC® Loaded-Lip, Symmetrical U-Cup

    X-PAC® U-Cups are a very versatile reciprocating seal design.  The rubber expander creates a compression style seal, while still operating as a pressure actuated U-Cup.  The result is better low-pressure sealing and less startup leakage.  The primary function of a B-Lip X-PAC® is for linear rod applications. However, they can also be used for piston applications when straight lip tooling is not available. MFP Seals’ X-PAC® U-Cups feature a knife trimmed sealing lip for increased sealability.

    Contact MFP Seals for more information on X-PAC®, O-PAC®, and our other sealing products.

  • MFP Seals' BRU Rod Buffer Seal
    MFP Seals BRU, compact, dual-purpose rod & buffer seal handles most of the sealing load while relief vents eliminate pressure traps allowing fluid bypass to energize the primary rod seal, providing unparalleled performance. Also available with an AE-Ring....

  • BRU - Rod Buffer Seal 

    MFP Seals’ BRU is a compact, dual-purpose seal.  Designed to be both a rod and buffer seal.  The BRU handles most of the rod sealing load while special relief vents, designed into the seal, eliminate pressure traps between the BRU and primary rod seal.  This allows fluid to bypass the BRU, energizing the primary rod seal.  Working in tandem, the BRU and primary rod seal provide unparalleled performance in extreme applications. 

    Available in both Inch (BRU) and Metric (MBRU) sizes, this seal is available in U2150, U2151, and U4150 Urethane compounds. This seal offers extremely low compression set and excellent extrusion resistance. Working together with the primary rod seal, the rod buffer enhances performance in extreme applications. *The addition of an M1001 Anti-Extrusion Ring will significantly increase the seal’s extrusion resistance and pressure rating.

  • MFP Seals Choke Packing Sets
    Whether you’re from Houston, Detroit, or anywhere else, #MFPseals has specialized materials to configure Choke Packing sets for your standard service, sour gas, or custom application. MFP Seals has the bases covered. Visit our booth #3079, at OTC 2019!...

  • Whether you’re from Houston, or Detroit, or anywhere else, you’ll hit a home run with our selection of Choke Valve Packings, specially formulated for the Oil & Gas Industry.  So bring on the heat, we’ll be swinging for the seats, with materials that are designed for your application.  We have a hard hitting Vee Ring in Orange H2155 (55 Shore D, TPE, -65°F to +275°F), and with a lighter touch, a Blue H2112 (47 Shore D, TPE).  Our M1014 Male and Female Adapters, with a Tensile Strength of 24,000 PSI, round out the roster.  If you’re looking for seasoned veterans, we have them too, Glass Filled Nylon®, Neoprene & Duck, Viton®, PEEK, and more!  

    With all of these specialized materials, we can configure a Choke Packing set to fit your application.  Whether it’s standard service, sour gas, or a custom application, in inch or metric sizes, MFP Seals has the bases covered. Contact an MFP Seals, Sales Representative and get called up to the Majors, today!

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